reruptured — and now “Toe” Tendon surgery. Anyone else?!

Hi normofthenorth and lynneachilles and Kkirk!
Thanks so much for writing back! i really do appreciate the support.
Norm - I wasn’t all that surprised re: the fact that my doc cannot use any of the tendon. After the first surgery, there were so many complications and wound problems that I was thinking “there is def something wrong in there!” I was sure my body was rejecting the graft - to some extent. Perhaps that’s not the case - but I did have two very clear dreams of the darn ankle “bursting” so to speak and I feel now that was my subconscious telling me… ” YES JEN something is wrong!”… My husband hates that kind of stuff… but I think maybe my body/ psyche was onto something! ;)
After I started working with Doc 2 - and Doc 3 who is the infection specialist - they both mentioned the “malpractice” issue. they said if Doc 1 and gone in and put sutures into an infected area - or drilled the bone with any infection present - it would have been a disaster - and “I’d be a very rich woman” - but maybe a “very rich woman with an amputated let.” I’m just fine NOT EVER BEING RICH - but keeping my leg, thanks very much! :) So - now I wait… until I get the results from the multiple cultures the doc took on Wednesday during the surgery… and if everything looks clear - the third surgery will take place in 10 days to 2 weeks. This third surgery will be the one where he uses the toe tendon and drills in to the ankle. Does anyone have this situation? I’d like to read up on this procedure as much as possible. My goal - as I’ve mentioned - is to return to my very intense yoga schedule… (weekly - five days - advanced classes.) I was a professional dancer in my younger days and I really love to exercise. I’m a very young 47 - and this will NOT take me down! :0

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  1. Again Jen, Love the attitude. I wish I could be more of help, but my doc did some Y V formation surgery (With the healthy tissue left from my injury) on me.

    I couldn’t even begin to explain the procedure, but my surgeon did explain the tendon graft to me that involves using the FHL tendon off the big toe to create a new Achilles and anchoring it to the bone. He was going to perform the graft on me if I didn’t have enough healthy tissue left, or to big of gap between the ends (There was a big gap between injury and surgery for me). He also told me that he wanted to keep the FHL intact in case I had another ATR in the future.

    There are plenty of bloggers who have had this procedure (Sheena was one who had this procedure for a re-rupture, I think). And remember, you are having the David Beckham fix, so we all know it can work very well. Good luck with your subsequent surgery and recovery. Keep us posted and happy healing.

  2. How do I find Sheena?

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  3. I just me with a doctor to discuss this surgery FHL transfer. I too would like to know if people are happy with the results and i will look up Sheena’s blog, as i have ruptured the same achilles twice in the past. What i am left with is a bunch of scarring and and a badly functioning tendon.
    The FHL surgery would be a big risk for me as i had a healing problem after the second surgery, so the doctor would maybe have to do even a skin transfer also, just to make sure it heals.
    Thank you

  4. I’m trying to get more information. My surgery is next Wednesday… I have to do the toe transfer thing for sure. I will let you know what I find out… :)
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  5. Hi
    I did have the toe tendon transfer surgery on Wednesday. Things went fine… I guess. I’m still waiting for the numbness from the block / shot to wear off… and then I will have a better idea re: how much pain this one will give me. This is my third achilles tendon surgery. The first was a graft, and my body didn’t like it… I somehow ended up with a full re repture possibly from a fall at work, OR b/c my body didn’t like the graft and it was weak etc. and the fall made it rupture “inside” that grafting material. Ug. Then - second surgery - the new doc opened it up and thought he was going to remove all the old , gross grafting stuff and sew it together, but there was infection there… and not enough healthy tendon to work with anyway. Sooooo…. he sewed me back up and put me on antibiotics for a month before opening me back up again on Wed. for the toe tendon transfer surgery. Took about 3 hours as there was more scar tissue he had to remove etc. But… I guess everything went great. We shall see… but I’m feeling confident in this doctor’s ability. What did you decide to do? I’m very active, so losing any type of movement in my toe made me sad… but I hope to be back in my yoga classes etc. soon.
    Let me know what you do.
    Jennifer :) Jennifer :)
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  6. Hello, I am checking in a couple of years later. I hope things are going well on your end, for all the people on this blog. I have an appointment with a doctor who is recommending harvesting some of my hamstring and rebuilding my badly scarred achilles from scratch.
    I have had two complete tears and three prior surgeries already.

    Does anyone know of someone who has had this hamstring graft surgery? I need some guidance. Thank you in advance.Alex