How much Pain is too much?

I’m one month post surgery. Starting into my second week of PT. And the pain in my entire foot has been pretty bad, especially at night. My question: how much pain is to be expected? And how much would indicate I need to lay off ? I’m scared that 1. there’s infection in my foot for some reason… and how would I know? 2. that i’m over-doing the stretching, etc. and it’s going to make the tendon too long… 3. that i’ve re-torn something in there? i want to heal quickly, but wisely. i just wish i knew how much pain is too much pain, and how much is expected. WHO has a gauge on the pain thing? :)

Anyone use tendon from Big Toe to repair ruptured or re-ruptured achilles?

I go in for my third surgery at the end of the month. Doc will use Big Toe tendon to connect the ends between my re-ruptured tendon. ALL comments on this process are appreciated!

reruptured — and now “Toe” Tendon surgery. Anyone else?!

Hi normofthenorth and lynneachilles and Kkirk!
Thanks so much for writing back! i really do appreciate the support.
Norm - I wasn’t all that surprised re: the fact that my doc cannot use any of the tendon. After the first surgery, there were so many complications and wound problems that I was thinking “there is def something wrong in there!” I was sure my body was rejecting the graft - to some extent. Perhaps that’s not the case - but I did have two very clear dreams of the darn ankle “bursting” so to speak and I feel now that was my subconscious telling me… ” YES JEN something is wrong!”… My husband hates that kind of stuff… but I think maybe my body/ psyche was onto something! ;)
After I started working with Doc 2 - and Doc 3 who is the infection specialist - they both mentioned the “malpractice” issue. they said if Doc 1 and gone in and put sutures into an infected area - or drilled the bone with any infection present - it would have been a disaster - and “I’d be a very rich woman” - but maybe a “very rich woman with an amputated let.” I’m just fine NOT EVER BEING RICH - but keeping my leg, thanks very much! :) So - now I wait… until I get the results from the multiple cultures the doc took on Wednesday during the surgery… and if everything looks clear - the third surgery will take place in 10 days to 2 weeks. This third surgery will be the one where he uses the toe tendon and drills in to the ankle. Does anyone have this situation? I’d like to read up on this procedure as much as possible. My goal - as I’ve mentioned - is to return to my very intense yoga schedule… (weekly - five days - advanced classes.) I was a professional dancer in my younger days and I really love to exercise. I’m a very young 47 - and this will NOT take me down! :0

Re-rupture Surgery today and Doc had to stop!!

Doc got in there and he said it was a “mess”. The graft jacket was wrapped around an almost completely reruptured tendon. He could not use sutures to reattach old tendon at all… which was the first goal. And, it looked so bad in there, he got a infection specialist on the phone mid-operation… that doc said do a bunch of cultures and sew it up for now. Gotta rule out all infection first (which we have been doing - but we want to be extra cautious about any little pockets of anything in there. NOW there will be a third surgery -when the coast is clear - to use tendon from my toe and drill a hole in ankle to hold it there. (Beckham had this too?) Then all the healing after that. My poor lower leg is already so skinny with so much atrophy!!! UGGG. The original injury happened Sept 8th 2012 - and we’re looking at this roller-Coaster continuing until MAY 2013!  IF ANYONE feels like they have it bad, hit me up.  We CAN get thru this together!! Jennifer :/ :)