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Hello All,

I am a short time reader so I figured since everyone else was sharing I may as well also so here is my story.

I have been an athlete for most of my life and was always thankful not to have a major injury. Needless to say I was coming to the end of my athletic career playing in a flag football league. Long story short I was rushing the passer, I turned to change direction and it felt as if someone had kicked me in the back of the leg. I went to take a step and it felt like my foot was asleep. It hurt but for only a second so I started hopping off of the fieldĀ  and has I hopped I felt the rest of the tendon tear and roll up into my calf. All of this on fathers day wow. I went to the MD and got a fresh pair of crutches. I saw a specialist a few days later and got on the books for surgery. All I can say is that I hated the crutches and loved the boot. I am now around 14wks post-up. I still have some swelling but I can move around pretty good . I can jog a short distance and walk normally when I don’t over do it. The on legged toe raise is my next hurdle. My poor calf is so small and me gaining 10lbs sitting on my butt is not helping the situation. But progress must be made, I wish the best to you all and I hope you have a great recovery.


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