First Post Op: Also my birthday

At 10 days I went back for my first post-op appointment ON MY BIRTHDAY.  Obviously, I was really hoping to get in a boot but alas it was not to be.  My sutures were removed for my top of ankle bone spur but my staples needed another week.  It was really nice to see my leg again, haha, and to get a new cast.  My old one was rank from the dried blood.  I did wish they had cleaned my leg/ankle before rewrapping At first I was horrified to see it was green but it turns out that was just bruising.

My doctor thanked me for “making his job easy” which translates to no complications and good healing.  He cleared me to work part-time if I could stay non-weight-bearing (I’m going to take another week off just to be careful) and get my dog back so long as he isn’t a risk for knocking me down.  My family disagreed with this and wouldn’t give him back but brought him for a day trip.

I asked if I could switch to a boot after my staples came out and Doctor E confirmed that was the plan.  He also said at the next visit I would get the paperwork to start setting up physical therapy (so exciting!).  I’m still going to be NWB for 4-5 weeks but the idea of washing my leg is a siren’s song to me.  He assured me that the pins and needles I sometimes have are normal as are the purple toes I sometimes get when I have my leg down.  This will apparently continue for a few months.  I requested a handicap placard and asked for a signed doctor’s note for this at the visit.

I was offered a choice of a splint or a cast and when I asked the difference he said a cast would be better.  I don’t hate my cast anymore.  It really is protective and I feel like I’m wearing armor.  If anything I’m too comfortable in it.  I’m not supposed to rest my foot on the floor but it seems unavoidable and doesn’t cause me any discomfort at all.

This visit wiped me out and I napped most of the rest of the day.  I can’t believe how tired I get, like being drugged.  I was pretty happy with my progress, though.   I do tend to think every twinge of pain is a blood clot (It isn’t) but aside from that, the recovery is just boring.  I comfort myself with a lot of Skyrim and books.

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  1. omg hi !! first of all happy late birthday !! im 14 well 15 in august and I ruptured my achilles on july 2 and had surgery july 8. i have my post op in a week on july 22 and like i don’t know whats gonna happen except for getting my stitches removed. like will I get a cast or a new splint or something? idk im kinda clueless about this i could use some advice hahahah

    - kaiyaa

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  3. Good luck on your post op! I think it depends on your doctor a lot. They put me in a second cast for another two weeks and then a boot at my second post op! I did end up getting DVT and I’m only 32, so make sure you stay hydrated and move around!

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