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I ruptured my achilles 3 weeks ago at a kickboxing competition.  I think I was jumping I can’t really remember. I knew it was bad though. I remember the sound of something dropping behind me and I really hoped it was something. But then I looked and then there was nothing. For a few days afterward I still wandered what that noise was. I hoped that maybe it was the noise of something being dropped and maybe my achilles was only a bit ruptured. So much so I rang the doctor to check it was definitely fully ruptured. He said yes there was a gap. But he also said I could be kickboxing again in four months. But this starkly contrasted another doctor at my next  hospital appointment who said it would be more like a year.

Anyway I am having conservative treatment no surgery as I think that’s what they do now. I had 2 weeks in pointy plaster. Now I am in boot. Not much pain I am just very bored and frustrated that I can’t walk.

I am too scared to have a bath with my foot in the water because my foot ‘freaks out’ with no support and start shaking and then I start panicking. So I keep my boot on at all times, in bed and in the bath as well. I am scared of my freaky foot. I am scared of my calf that does not look like mine.  I am so scared about rerupture so I try not to move my foot much. Will it rerupture if I accidentally try and push my heel down a little bit in bed? Well these are questions I need to ask the physio next week for my first appointment.



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