24 weeks

July 15, 2013

Well I ruptured my achilles in January and its now mid July.

I thought I would update as it might give some people hope. I have to say I am almost back to normal apart from a smaller calf on one leg.

It does get better and you will get back to normal. It might well be a year before everything is completely the same as it was before you ruptured but in terms of everyday being normal function I would say it is more like 4 - 6 months depending on how much physio you do.

I can run without any pain, I can cycle and I have done a few kickboxing classes. I don’t know how sensible it was but I am still favouring my right leg and automatically kicked someone in the head with it when sparring. I immediately thought, oh dear I really shouldn’t have done that but it was totally fine with no repercussions.  My kb instructor gave me some very useful advice.  I injured myself because I was fighting and stressed. If you stay relaxed and warm up properly you are much less lightly to hurt yourself.  Safe in this knowledge I will carry on my life as it was before the rupture.  I don’t think I will do any more kickboxing competitions but never say never, and even if I don’t there are plenty of other exercise things I can do.

Happy healing! X

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  • 1. loumar747  |  July 15th, 2013 at 3:58 pm

    Thanks for the positive post. It does give me hope that soon I will be able to resume most activities although I think we’ll probably always be conscious of our achilles and will be a tad more conservative in our approach to sports. Anyway, congrats on your recovery and happy kickboxing!

  • 2. normofthenorth  |  July 16th, 2013 at 2:38 am

    I haven’t become any more conservative myself, from either of my TWO ATRs, or from my heart-valve-replacement surgery, either! Soon after I returned to competitive (indoor) beach volleyball after the open-heart surgery (1 yr more recent than the 2nd ATR), I found myself diving onto the sand — on my chest, of course! — for a ball. I do have to admit that felt weirder than anything sports-related that I did post-ATR — but I soon got used to it and started diving and digging balls without thinking about incisions or surgical saws(!).

    I do play more competitive 4-on-4 beach ball than 2-on-2, it’s true — but then, I always did! :-)

    Mind you, after you’ve ruptured BOTH Achilles tendons as I have (both playing court volleyball), you shouldn’t have to worry about ATRs any more. . .

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