1 year on

Well I don’t really need to write anything because nothing new has happened. But I thought I’d write someone thing as it’s almost been a year now since the worst day of my life: January 27th 2013.

I still have a smaller calf and the odd little bit of pain (in the foot though not the heel - dunno why) but other than that it feels totally normally and I am back to doing everything pre-rupture. In fact better because 3 or 4 months before my rupture my achillies was hurting like hell. It doesn’t hurt at all now. The human body is weird.

Still working on the single leg calf raises to be as good on weaker foot than good foot but this isn’t something that effects everyday life or exercise, doesn’t stop you from running or whatever. I don’t think I will do any more kickboxing competitions but I think that is more of a general achie arthritic body thing rather than anything to do with achillies.

Good luck to all of you out there!!

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24 weeks

Well I ruptured my achilles in January and its now mid July.

I thought I would update as it might give some people hope. I have to say I am almost back to normal apart from a smaller calf on one leg.

It does get better and you will get back to normal. It might well be a year before everything is completely the same as it was before you ruptured but in terms of everyday being normal function I would say it is more like 4 - 6 months depending on how much physio you do.

I can run without any pain, I can cycle and I have done a few kickboxing classes. I don’t know how sensible it was but I am still favouring my right leg and automatically kicked someone in the head with it when sparring. I immediately thought, oh dear I really shouldn’t have done that but it was totally fine with no repercussions.  My kb instructor gave me some very useful advice.  I injured myself because I was fighting and stressed. If you stay relaxed and warm up properly you are much less lightly to hurt yourself.  Safe in this knowledge I will carry on my life as it was before the rupture.  I don’t think I will do any more kickboxing competitions but never say never, and even if I don’t there are plenty of other exercise things I can do.

Happy healing! X

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15 weeks (nearly 4 months) update

Well I am walking normally I think now, although it hurts a bit to walk normally after a while. Not the Achilles but the ankle, well front of the foot. I think because it is still a bit swollen. I can’t run yet though. I try and run for the bus and it is a properly embarrassing bizarre mess (I think i have forgotten how )

My main issue is my VERY WEAK calf. Those of you who have just ruptured do what ever you can to minimize the loss of calf muscle (I know easier said than done) because that’s why you will be having months of physio to try and get it back. I can totally understand why it takes people a year to do a single leg calf raise. It is very hard I can only do one underwater.

Anyway I can also swim, go on a bike, walk quite fast, do most things apart from run and do a single leg calf rise. Not much pain at all only when I have been walking for a bit.  I feel normal again really, hoping to get back to kickboxing in August. (hands only - so boxing really)

Thanks everyone and good luck!

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12 weeks - still limp and cant go on ball of foot

What a miserable injury this is.  Went to new (much better private) physio today who was worried about my total inability to do a calf raise and limp. She said I should go back to the crutches while I learn how to walk properly. I am having hydrotherapy on Saturday. It was good to be shown how to walk properly.

I really need to do my  exercises everyday or I wont get better.  When I first signed up to this site I thought that year marathon widget was a really annoying and silly.  But I am starting to believe it does take a year now.

Anyway moan over I am doing ok, at least I am back at work with an intact achilles. Things could be a lot worse.  I will get back to kickboxing and jogging even if I have to wait a whole year.

9 comments April 23, 2013

Walking but not normally

It’s so great being able to walk with 2 shoes on .

BUT when will I be able to do a heel rise? Does it really take a year? I try and do a heel rise and nothing happens. I can’t even balance on one leg (bad leg). Not being able to stand on ball of foot means I have no hope walking quickly or that normally any time soon.

The physio said I should push the ball of my foot on an exercise band 1 - 20 times, this should strengthen my achilles. I hope this works.

That so much for help and advice everyone. I think I am doing well to walk in 2 shoes after 8 weeks. Maybe I didn’t fully rupture.

4 comments March 29, 2013

2 shoes! (very slowly)

So I went to the physio yesterday with my other trainer hoping she would put in in 2 shoes. And she did! It was so strange walking with 2 shoes on and really scary. She also got me to do heel rises both feet together but my bad foot wasn’t doing any of the work, it felt SOOO weak. Poor foot. But at least the achilles is fine, actually the other achilles was suffering a bit yesterday with all the work but busted one is ok  (FOR NOW!)

I think I will still wear the boot when I go outside but in my flat I seem to be fine walking kinda normally in 2 shoes although very slowly, very strong dendency to stick my foot out to the side so its a really effort walking normally.  I remember this is how I walked about after the achilles ruptured and before I went to hospital.

I need to get some heel wedges today apparently they sell the in boots. I might also get so NIKE airmax or something if I can find some.

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Zero Wedge in boot questions

I have been walking around fine without crutches and I am due to be zero wedges tomorrow, according to my losing a wedge each week scheduled. I don’t see the physio until Thursday, I wonder if I should wait until then?

In fact should I go to zero wedges at all because I remember the doctor mentioned when I go to 2 shoes I should have a wedge put in my shoes.

Anyone know? THANKS!

3 comments March 18, 2013

1 Wedge

Good news, doctors says everything looks good. I told him I have been walking around my flat without the crutches and he said that’s fine. I can also do stairs which is exciting. I am now down to 1 wedge. So next week I will be zero wedge and then in 1 or 2 weeks I will be 2 shoes I guess. The physios will give me a wedge to go it my shoes. I assume trainers are best to wear?

I know that 2 shoes is the dangerous bit so I will be ultra careful. I wonder if I can go swimming now I forgot the ask the doctor?

I am not going back to work yet because the London commute is pretty hectic, packed trains and people pushing etc. Also there are lots of stairs, big gaps to get on trains and people walking fast. So another few weeks before I get back to teaching my class. I think it is better for them that I fix myself totally. If I re-ruptures they would have to do without me for a lot longer!

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Full weight bearing sort of

Well I went to physio and everything looked great, feeling on top of the world - I’m sort of normal! Woohoo!!  I told the physio lady that I can fully weight bear she said good and told me how to walk properly. She also put me on the bike for a bit and gave me a massage as well as all the exercises.  I seem to be having a very good NHS experience compared to some people I am very lucky.  Yesterday I also took a wedge out, down to 2 wedges ( I can feel a stretch now, no pain though) and walked fully weight bearing around the flat fine although can feel the achilles is a bit unhappy.

But then I went to bed and found the section on this site on rerupture and it is scared the life out of me. I just really hope as well I am fully mended. I didn’t have surgery and this worries me somewhat as I read a story about someone who didn’t have surgery and it didn’t fully mend. But there are so many stories on here, almost every case is different and so many different scenarios. I dont think I have to worry the doctor a few weeks ago and the physio both say its fine.  I cant wait to see doc next week for some reassurance that it has mended ok.  I’m sure I would know if it has re-ruptured, I have had almost no pain and not much swelling.

For now everything is ok, I cant went to get through the re-rupture danger time zone.  Thanks for great helpful comments. So great to be able to share this situation who understand what it is like. Such a common injury it effects so many people. I am trying to do a picture of my freaky missing calf, not sure if it has worked.

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Partial weight bearing and physio

After a month of solidly watch TV  (Dexter, True Blood, Breaking Bad, Californication, Game of Thrones   - so good - thank god for Netflix!) and playing on my Playstation 3. And also doing work from home. I am now starting to walk sort of. The physio taught me to partial weight bear so kind of pretend walking with most of the weight of bad leg still on crutches. I also did one step of stairs. It was a very odd sensation. Kind of pins and needles as I suppose the foot is so unused to taking weight.

I feel happy that things are going well. I am also booked in for a scan for April to see how things are going. That should be useful as I haven’t had a scan. Also seeing physio once a week which is really good. I though it would be less than that.

Also I was very brave yesterday and took a wedge out of my boot. So I only have three in now.

Sill can’t do stairs. Can anyone do stairs when your only partial weight bearing?

Also although so typical of me and my weirdness. I have no pain in my foot but my arms hurt. (although they were hurting or months before the rupture from all my kickboxing) Also I have a weird slightly numb hand and bad  foot is slightly numb. I wonder if anyone else has this, could it be the crutches? Although I am not using the crutches that much, only when I go out ( I live above a cafe so I go down to the cafe everyday - that’s my exciting outing) Also been to the restaurant across the road a few times.  I am so lucky no steps! I get around my flat kneeling on a office chair with wheels. I dunno if this is a good idea, I should be trying to walk really.. but how to carry stuff with crutches? I have spilt so my cups of tea!

Well thanks for helpful advice everyone. This website is such a good idea! So interesting to see how everyone is getting on!


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