I know…the title of this post sounds bad….but I think it’s okay…I slipped on some suds in the shower a couple of days ago as I was sitting in my shower chair-luckily  my rear end hitting the shower chair took the brunt of the fall, although my bad leg did hit the shower floor pretty hard-reflex thing, I guess-but I’ve been FWB on it in a walking boot for about a week now, so it doesn’t seem like it did any major damage


Let this be a lesson to all of you fellow booters-BE VERY CAREFUL IN THE SHOWER-I thought I was-especially, since, for me at least, the shower is the only place I don’t wear the boot-I still sleep with it on, even at 10 wks post-op-I never asked my doc if I still had to, but I figure I’ll stop sleeping in the boot when I stop using the boot completely


One quick question though-when you guys started wearing 2 shoes, did you have to get bigger shoes?  I was being an idiot one day last week, seeing if I could fit a heal lift and my bad foot into one of my old shoes…there is no way it’s fitting—just wanted to know if you guys got bigger shoes to fit the heal lifts when you first went to 2 shoe status?