Sudden Strength in my 9th week!

Hi world!  I have been reading other testimonieses for the last nine weeks and have decided to join in.  I live and work in New York City, a very, very busy place.  I have never had so many people hold doors and carry things for me.  It makes me feel good.  However, no one truly knows(my wife and family included) just how bad this injury and how hard and lonely the recovery is unless you are going through it yourself.  For that reason I am grateful this site exists.

Today I woke up and my leg felt so strong.  This has been my best day to date!  I have a 4cm tear which I suffered in a soccer league game.  I had surgery on Nov 5.  I am weight bearing but with both crutches and am scheduled to go to one crutch on Monday (01/12) and then no crutches about two weeks later.  Today I went without crutches in my office most of the day.  I must say that it made me tired and i will not push it.  I am going back to the doctor’s schedule.  I am not prepared to undue the fantastic work my surgeon did and I have had too many teammates in college and beyond attempt to comeback from injuries too soon only to make matters worse.

Tonight I am going to walk a few steps without my crutches (to impress my wife and son) then do my exercises, ice, and get off my feet.  Life is stil good!

2 Responses to “Sudden Strength in my 9th week!”

  1. emiller65 Says:

    Hi there…I am almost exactly one month behind you as I had surgery Dec. 4 in Miami Beach, FL. The warm weather helps and I certainly don’t have to deal with snow or ice. Question: On your second visit to the doc, did he give you the instruction to do weight bearing at your own pace or with specific limits, and if so, what were they? I am scheduled for Jan 20 visit when I am expected to do wb with crutches. Also, how early did you do exercises, massages, and PT? Finally, when did you start ice?
    I appreciate any answers you give me.

  2. aion gold cheap wow power leveling Says:

    It has been 2 long weeks since I had my surgery and I can honestly say that the sequence of events that immediately followed it, have been interesting to say

    the least. Immediately after the procedure, while I was still in the hospital, I experienced chest pains and had to be monitored closely.

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