More PT Info

PT seems to be moving along well for me. At todays appointment I was again on the step machine. It’s called a NuStep. This machine basically allows stepping motion and you can control the resistance. I was doing it on wed. with the boot on at at a resistance of 5 [...]

PT Info

I have had a few requests to expand on my PT regimen. I’ll do my best to put into words where I am. I started PT at week 3.5 post op and am currently this week moving to 75% weight bearing.
After the first appointment he sent me home with a small version of [...]

Moving Forward

I got to start PT last week. It’s pretty sketchy feeling when you start moving that foot. Your head is filled with this huge paranoia that when you move it you tendon will explode or your foot will fall off, but it’s really all just mental. After a few days of getting [...]

Jumping on the “bandwagon”

Thanks to Dennis, I have been reading many of your stories etc for a week or so. I had some free time and decided to join the crew for stories of perilous nay and exploding tendons. My short story, long. Ruptured tendon on 2/14 (poor timing for my marriage) and had surgery [...]

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