Moving Forward

I got to start PT last week. It’s pretty sketchy feeling when you start moving that foot. Your head is filled with this huge paranoia that when you move it you tendon will explode or your foot will fall off, but it’s really all just mental. After a few days of getting my hoof out of my boot and moving it about it really started feeling a lot better. The initial stiffness and hesitance almost makes your stomach turn. It’s not so much pain as it is just a weird uncomfortable feeling.

I have a great guy working on the PT and he is super keen on my drive to get back to all things good like climbing, running, racquetball, golf etc. PT was a huge lift as far as feeling like you are making forward progress. During the non-weight bearing phase you are just helpless feeling.

Since I have moved on and been ‘promoted’ to 1 crutch. It feels great and I am hardly having to use it much around the house. I logged some quality miles on the mono crutch this weekend celebrating St. Pattys in the great city of St. Paul and going to a hockey game. Definitely much more mobile. One recommendation. Once you start bearing weight and walking in the boot you may get an almost bruising feeling on the ball of your foot or heal. I STRONGLY recommend putting a Superfeet insole inside of the boot. I use them in my hiking boots, golf shoes and court shoes. The footbed made an immediate difference for my foot.

I am feeling pretty good doing PT exercises daily and going to the PT office twice a week. I hope to be burying the last crutch soon and becoming mobile and two handed once again on my feet.

3 Responses to “Moving Forward”

  1. Congrats on starting…slow and steady wins the race..
    what does the PT having you do on your own??

  2. I’d like to hear the specifics about the exercises too if you have a sec. Thanks for the tip on the Superfeet..will have to try that when I start WB. Most importantly…when is the next installment on your other blog…your post from 3/8 had me on the floor worried my incision was opening up!

  3. Thanks, I’ll have to get the superfeet as well. My heel does hurt a bit when I walk in the boot.

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