Jumping on the “bandwagon”

Thanks to Dennis, I have been reading many of your stories etc for a week or so. I had some free time and decided to join the crew for stories of perilous nay and exploding tendons. My short story, long. Ruptured tendon on 2/14 (poor timing for my marriage) and had surgery on 2/19. I was in a boot immediately after surgery and will be starting physical therapy this Thursday. Still a victim of the crutches, but I feel we will be breaking up soon. I figure a support group can’t be too bad. Of all things I do (climbing, mountaineering, racquetball, running…….) , I managed to do this bending over to pick up a racquetball while teaching my class at the U of MN. As a result, not only am I rendered lame for several months, I have a crappy story to tell at the bar as well. In the spirit of fun, here is a photo of my bragging rights…….

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  1. Glad that you are on board! Ah yes, the battle wound. ;) I’ve got one just like it!

  2. Hey Mitch - I’m a fellow ATR survivor as well as a fellow Minnesotan. Good to know I’m not the only one hoppin’ around this winter in this frigid state. Today marks 9 weeks post op and I can definitely say that things are getting better. I’ve been in the boot for 3 weeks now and my ROM has returned - probably about 80% at this point. I’ve also been riding on my bike trainer without the boot for the last several days which has been extremely liberating. Yesterday’s warm temperatures really made me want to get out running.

    You’ll have to let me know who you see for PT. I’m looking for some good recommendations. Where did you go for your surgery?

    Oh, and I think you do win bragging rights - You’ve got the longest incision I’ve seen so far! Did you have a pretty sizable gap?

  3. Tom-
    I had surgery at the Health Partners specialty clinic on Phalen in St. Paul. I’m doing PT there as well. I will let you know what I think and who I am working with. The range of treatment post op is interesting for me to read here. I went to the boot directly after surgery and have been there ever since. The scent of the boot is aromatic. I can’t wait to be able to swim or bike. I run a lot as well, and the warm days are painful to look out the window at. My goal is to be able to play golf in June, and climb in July.

    I don’t know much about the gap, He said it was not very clean break. Happy Healing.

  4. I agree - it’s extremely interesting to compare all the different post op treatment. The good thing is that it seems like they all lead to very similar long range results.

    I had my surgery at HCMC. I was referred by family to a very good orthopedic surgeon. Unfortunately, he doesn’t do a lot of AT surgeries, he’s more of a trauma specialist. I think he did a good job with the surgery, but I’ve been a little disappointed with the recovery. I wish he would have gotten me into PT when I went into the boot at week 6. As it is, I won’t start PT until about week 10. I’ve been doing a lot of ROM exercises and light stretching on my own, but it would be nice to be working with the experts.

    I think June is probably realistic for hittin’ the links. I’m leaning towards sitting out of my softball and volleyball leagues this summer to reduce the risk of rerupture. But, I’m hopeful to be running by the end of summer. Probably not at pre-injury level, but at least building back some of my base miles. I want to be back marathoning in 2009.


  5. Rckclmr…you and I did it on the same day - Feb 14. My surgery was on Feb 16. Man, that seems like a long incision!! That’s freaky how it happened. Any reason to think the achilles was particularly tight? I told my PA I wanted to be on my bike June 15 and was told that should work.

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