3 Weeks post OP - still not playing football :-)

Hurrah! Pain is finally gone. I have been off the painkillers for a week and all I am battling now is swelling and the desperate urge to shatter my cast and move my foot. Alas, I wait patiently…

My doc is a conservative fellow and has put me in a cast for the first 8 weeks (maybe 7 if things go well).

I had a pretty bad rupture according to him so he wants me to heal properly before we try to reintroduceĀ  Weight Bearing…

I am moving to London in mid Jan ( ie 9 weeks from now) and I was hoping to hear from some of you that have been in a cast mainly, how long it took you to walk resonably (without the aid of a crutch and intravenous morphine)?

My doc reckons I will be able to walk 10-12 weeks post op but I would like to harvest some real life data…

Hope you guys are all recovering well and I wish you all to remain positive and stay strong!

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  1. I was in a cast for 10 weeks, and my doctor told me to walk out of the medical room as soon as the cast was removed. I am much older than you so I think you will have no problems at all. You will need to use your crutches at first then try and use just the 1 crutch as soon as possible. I would think by the time you arrive in London you should be doing very well.

    By the way, the weather here in England is absolutely horrible and I mean horrible. So make sure you bring plenty waterproof clothing.

    Good luck

  2. Hey Annie

    Glad to hear you made a quick recovery to walking out of the cast. With regard to the weather, believe me, I am only too aware of how bad UK weather can get.

    If climate was my deciding criteria I would probably stay here in Cape Town… Unfortunately we need a little more than just sunshine to make it all worthwhile…

    Incidentally, today we are having a massive cold front moving through (its meant to be almost summer here) and the temp diff between us and London is 4 degrees… (trying to kid myself)…


  3. Hello Razvan
    I’ve just read your blog and it sounds like your Doc is following the same protocol as mine. He has said 10/12 weeks before walking but is looking to get me in a removeable boot at 6/7 weeks(I’m at 4 weeks now)

    I was in Cape Town earlier this year on a Rugby tour and I loved it. We did all the touristy bits played one of the township rugby teams as well as visiting Stellenbosch (talk about a culture chasm there) ang generally were made extremely welcome wherever we went,

    How’s that stadium at Green point coming along - there were lot’s of cranes but not much going on when we were there ( we played one match next door against Hamiltons)
    Rumour has it it’s a bit behind schedule and the World Cup might be in doubt - what’s the local view?

    All the best

  4. I was suppose to be NWB (but I did walk in the boot some) at 9 weeks. At that appt. the doc said to loose that (boot) and those (crutches) and put on 2 shoes. That quick!! I did it and am now mostly walking without a limp. Goodluck!

  5. Hi, Tui here in rural New Zealand. I was running when my left Achilles went bang and I have chosen to have conservative treatment ie no surgery. I am now into my second week in the equinas cast but get a moonboot on Wed next. I can’t believe how much pain I still have - when does this go? Also pain in hands from using crutches and pain in pecs and shoulders from same - does that get easier?? Does anyone else feel that everything is a major effort and pain relief makes you dozy? I want my life back! Any happy stories out there?? Any great successes to help me see light at the end of the tunnel?? Any other Kiwis on this site?? Cheers, Tui

  6. Hi tui1. I went down the conservative route too. I’m in my sixth week and my cast is due to come off this Tuesday (18th Nov). Agree with all you say and yes, it’s all part of the process. Sore hands, tingles in the fingers, sore supporting leg, tiredness etc etc. I’m very fit and found it very tiring at the start - all I could do was sleep. Looking back on that I think it was psychological as well as physical. You can still be active if you want. I go to the gym and do upper body, core, flexability (leg flys etc). Keep your head up (stay positive).
    Ps. from Northern Ireland so can’t help you on that score ;-)

  7. Hi there

    Thanks for your reply! Good luck when the cast comes off - weight bearing at last???? Do you get heel raisers put in your shoes that you HAVE to wear for the next 8 wks? I will be doing that apparently.

    I have both my kids coming here for Christmas (incl 1 x son-in-law) so they will be roped into doing all the stuff I would normally do to get ready for Christmas Day. My nephew just got engaged to a girl from Northern Ireland and they will be here on Christmas Day too! We’re hoping for a hot day so that people can swim and take advantage of the outdoor area.

    I am having a better day today and haven’t had to take codeine so I am wide awake for a change! Cast comes off on Wed 19th (2 wks post injury) and the UGLY moonboot goes on - that gives me a little range of movement but still NWB. I will have that moonboot on for 4 wks so the fitness on crutches will have to improve!


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