2 years 1 month update

Life is definitely back to normal, but it sure has been a long way to go. I had a partial tear in my right achilles 2 1/2 years ago, then a complete tear 4 months later because of bad luck and a slippery pavement. Today my achilles sets no real limitations in everyday life. I [...]

1 year post op - second ATR

It’s been a long journey demanding more patience than I though I had… I ruptured my right achilles for the first time in April 2008, then reruptured one year ago. To all of you I will say - keep up your mood and have patience - it gets better but it sure may take a [...]

Second ATR -15 weeks post op.

Hi everyone!
I underwent AT surgery in April 2008 after having tried almost every conservative treatment to get rid of longstanding achilles tendonitis. During surgery it showed up that my AT was partially ruptured. The surgeon repaired the tendon. I did not get a cast or boot, but was told to wait for 4 weeks to put partial weight on my [...]