2 years 1 month update

Life is definitely back to normal, but it sure has been a long way to go. I had a partial tear in my right achilles 2 1/2 years ago, then a complete tear 4 months later because of bad luck and a slippery pavement. Today my achilles sets no real limitations in everyday life. I still get some odd sensations in my right achilles tendon sometimes and cannot run as often and as much as before, but intensive cycling (even trail cycling) and skiing give no symptoms. Something I would like to share with those of you who feel progress is slow, is my experience that I still have progress, more than two years after the injury. At the moment I am recovering after having had arthroscopy for a meniscus tear, but that’s really nothing compared to the achilles injury. There is hope!

Best wishes Raoul

1 year post op - second ATR

It’s been a long journey demanding more patience than I though I had… I ruptured my right achilles for the first time in April 2008, then reruptured one year ago. To all of you I will say - keep up your mood and have patience - it gets better but it sure may take a long time! I’ve had recurring pain at the point of insertion of the achilles into the heel bone since I underwent surgery, although the rupture was 4-5 cm above. During this summer - especially the last 3-4 weeks - progress has been remarkable and the pain now is almost gone. I am not really sure what has happened.
I have taken small steps and listened to my body, which I did not do after the first operation. I had an acute back pain 1 1/2 month ago and consulted a chiropractor. He examined my ankle and said it was a stiffness there that put strain on the achilles tendon. He meant that the back pain was a result of this. Since then I’ve had four treatment sessions. The back pain is gone and the achilles feels a lot better - life begins to smile again!!!! Good luck to all of you!

Best wishes from Raoul

Second ATR -15 weeks post op.

Hi everyone!

I underwent AT surgery in April 2008 after having tried almost every conservative treatment to get rid of longstanding achilles tendonitis. During surgery it showed up that my AT was partially ruptured. The surgeon repaired the tendon. I did not get a cast or boot, but was told to wait for 4 weeks to put partial weight on my right foot. 

On August 11th - a rainy day almost 4 1/2 month after initial surgery - I slipped and had a total rupture of the tendon. I was admitted to surgery two days later, and the AT was once again sewed together. I was put in a cast for 2 weeks, and after that I was in a boot for 6 weeks. My experience from the first recovery period was that I pushed too hard and I therefore decided to be more patient his time. After getting out of the boot my foot was stiff, swollen and quite blue. I started moving my toes and doing some light exercices without putting any weight on. My aim was too improve flexibility and stimulate blood circulation. 13 weeks after the operation I carefully began to put partial weight on my right foot. I waited for 24 hours to observe the reaction, just to be sure that I did not provoke pain or morning stiffness. During the last two weeks I’ve used quite a lot effort to find a balance between activity and rest. I’m now 15 weeks post op. I still walk with both crutches most of the time, but I can now walk without crutches for short periods during the day. Though I’m not able to walk more than a few steps before I have to rest and elevate the foot, I make progress. My experience is that ATR is an injury that surely demands PATIENCE!!!! It’s hard - especially if you are used to being physically active. Best wishes to all of you! Be patient and take care!