A long road coming to an End

It has been a long time since I’ve posted anything on here. So let me just recap some issues I’ve had for nearly 6 months: First I switch insurance during the open enrollment on November 2008, which I’ve found later that my doctor and physical therapies did not take. So with that I didn’t have PT for nearly 3months. Second my new insurance company mistaken me for my son who has the same name as I, and that’s the main reason why I could not start PT right away. Finally, as of today May 5, 2008; I am finally done with PT, I cant say I’m fully cured but I have put it to the test and I must say I can almost run and jump as fast and high as I did before I tore it on August 9, 2008. So to all my brothers and sisters who have gone to this life changing injury. The road to full recovery is long and challenging. But once you get there,  you’ll appreciate the times when you never had the ATR, I say this because you’ll think twice the next time you ran and jump. GOD bless every one.

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  1. Ramil - thanks for your update. For those who are starting out on their recovery, it really helps to hear back from others who are further along in their recovery. Happy healing!

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