It has been almost 4 months since my surgery. I’m progressing wonderfully on PT.  According to my trainer my nearly 50% cure with 95% range of motion. I need 5% work on pointing my toes outward then I’ll have all my range of motion back. I can speed walk and jog slowly which is great because I love to run. I figure by late Feb. or around march I should be able to run and continue my boxing training. I tried hitting the heavy bag last week, but since I couldn’t stay on my toes for a long time I didn’t have balance or power. I can jump rope for 5 minutes straight which I really surprise myself. My PT trainer warn me not to push myself so much on some basic boxing exercises, especially the ones that require me to jump around. I did show her some of my training regiment, and show off my shadow boxing skills.  She said that’s probably why I’m progressing faster than the other 2 ATR clients in my PT sessions. Wish me luck my brothers and sisters. HAPPY HOLIDAY TO ALL.



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