back to work

It’s almost 3 months since that dreadful day. My doctor cleared me to go back to work with of course modified work duty, since my job requires me to left at lease 75 pounds. I don’t go back until Monday but for what its worth this time off has been a learning experience. I’ve read 4 books and learned how to type. I must have watched every new movie that came out. I started going back to my health club this week. I did mostly upper body workout. I talked to my boxing trainer and told him that I can probably start training by late February. Since that would mark my 6 months post-op. I did gain a little weight in the past month so I got to start watching what I eat from this point on. Good luck to everyone and god bless.

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  1. Good luck on Monday - let your foot guide your activity.
    I am glad you have modified duty, so take it easy.

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