Drove for the first time

I drove my self to PT yesterday. I know that I should have practice a little bit first before I drove 7 miles away from home. Since I own a big SUV I know that the pedal would be a little bit tighter than a smaller vehicle. So I game my self an extra 15 minutes and stayed away from busy streets. I was a little hesitant hitting the gas, so I must have been driving 10 mile under the speed limit. When I got to PT I felt like I’ve already did some exercises on my calve muscles. Since gas prices are down right now I might just drive around the city a little.

4 Responses to “Drove for the first time”

  1. ramil,
    congrats on driving! I can’t wait to get to that point. i have my first pt tomorrow. how far along are you?

  2. Yeah. Congrats! I am also curious how far along are you in your recovery? Do you use your left foot to brake?

  3. I am getting my boot off and will be able to drive as well. I must say I am a bet nervous but the freedom will be bliss!!

  4. I started my pt on oct. 1st. I go twice a week.

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