minimum range of motion

I started pt last Wednesday, I’m schedule twice a week Mon.&Wed. My main concern is that am I ever going to have a complete range of motion on my atr leg.

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  1. Hi Ramil,
    Yeah, you should regain full motion. It will loosen up quite quickly, but the last 10% seems to be when it drags.

    Happy healing


  2. thank you for responding, today was day 2 of PT. My range of motion seems to have gotten a little better. They applied a little pressure on my foot and it felt great. I know this is going to be a long process, but I’m looking forward to it.

  3. Hi Ramil,

    Jon is so right about the last 10% dragging. I’m at 17 weeks post-op and am sooooo close to 90 degrees, but have been stuck at -11 degrees for the past 4 weeks…..But as you get more and more weight-bearing you will see different kinds of improvement, even if the ROM isn’t quite there. That’s what keeps me going and not giving up at ever getting my full ROM back. It will happen!!!

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