A long road coming to an End

It has been a long time since I’ve posted anything on here. So let me just recap some issues I’ve had for nearly 6 months: First I switch insurance during the open enrollment on November 2008, which I’ve found later that my doctor and physical therapies did not take. So with that I didn’t have PT for nearly 3months. Second my new insurance company mistaken me for my son who has the same name as I, and that’s the main reason why I could not start PT right away. Finally, as of today May 5, 2008; I am finally done with PT, I cant say I’m fully cured but I have put it to the test and I must say I can almost run and jump as fast and high as I did before I tore it on August 9, 2008. So to all my brothers and sisters who have gone to this life changing injury. The road to full recovery is long and challenging. But once you get there,  you’ll appreciate the times when you never had the ATR, I say this because you’ll think twice the next time you ran and jump. GOD bless every one.

It has been almost 4 months since my surgery. I’m progressing wonderfully on PT.  According to my trainer my nearly 50% cure with 95% range of motion. I need 5% work on pointing my toes outward then I’ll have all my range of motion back. I can speed walk and jog slowly which is great because I love to run. I figure by late Feb. or around march I should be able to run and continue my boxing training. I tried hitting the heavy bag last week, but since I couldn’t stay on my toes for a long time I didn’t have balance or power. I can jump rope for 5 minutes straight which I really surprise myself. My PT trainer warn me not to push myself so much on some basic boxing exercises, especially the ones that require me to jump around. I did show her some of my training regiment, and show off my shadow boxing skills.  She said that’s probably why I’m progressing faster than the other 2 ATR clients in my PT sessions. Wish me luck my brothers and sisters. HAPPY HOLIDAY TO ALL.



back to work

It’s almost 3 months since that dreadful day. My doctor cleared me to go back to work with of course modified work duty, since my job requires me to left at lease 75 pounds. I don’t go back until Monday but for what its worth this time off has been a learning experience. I’ve read 4 books and learned how to type. I must have watched every new movie that came out. I started going back to my health club this week. I did mostly upper body workout. I talked to my boxing trainer and told him that I can probably start training by late February. Since that would mark my 6 months post-op. I did gain a little weight in the past month so I got to start watching what I eat from this point on. Good luck to everyone and god bless.

painful first step

That very first step I take getting out of bed has been a little painful at times. It only last about 2-4 steps but sometimes it gets to be a little frustrating. I’ve ask my doctor and PT trainer about it and both said that because of atrophy to my whole right leg it has cause some muscle loss to the heal of my foot. It should go away in time. I was wandering if anyone out there have had the same problem.

Drove for the first time

I drove my self to PT yesterday. I know that I should have practice a little bit first before I drove 7 miles away from home. Since I own a big SUV I know that the pedal would be a little bit tighter than a smaller vehicle. So I game my self an extra 15 minutes and stayed away from busy streets. I was a little hesitant hitting the gas, so I must have been driving 10 mile under the speed limit. When I got to PT I felt like I’ve already did some exercises on my calve muscles. Since gas prices are down right now I might just drive around the city a little.

finally two shoes

My doctors appointment was at 9 this morning. I had a feeling she was going to give me the good news. My surgically repaired Achilles was feeling pretty good and strong. I walked around her office bare foot while she observe every little step I take. Then she recommended to start wearing two shoes. I must have smiled from cheek to cheek. She also reminded me not to walk around my home bare foot quite yet. This day finally came. My right shoe feel extremely tight but it feels really good. I’m going to start walking a little bit around the block, wish me luck.

one down one to go

My mom has been driving me to my PT since it began. She was surprise Wednesday when she saw me walking towards her car carry my crutches. I told her that I can walk a little bit without the use of my crutches. So when I got to my PT I had to show it off to my trainer. She told me to start using only one of my crutches. One down one to go. My doctor said I should be able to walk with out them by October 23rd, which is my next doctor visit.  The only problem I have at the moment is when I wake in the morning my atr feels very sore and tender, but once I get going it start feeling OK.

on two feet

I went to see my doctor yesterday and she said that I should be walking with out my crutches on my next visit, which is in two weeks. Currently I’m on my 7th week post-op. I am sooo tired of my crutches. I cant wait to get rid of them. I am sooo optimistic about her prediction that I’ve been aggressive with my pt. I’ve had dreams about walking  jumping and running under no restraint. This injury and recovery  has been a journey of self reliant and reflection, that I no longer take for granted walking on my own, two feet.

minimum range of motion

I started pt last Wednesday, I’m schedule twice a week Mon.&Wed. My main concern is that am I ever going to have a complete range of motion on my atr leg.

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