Kinesio Tape where have you been

13 weeks post op and started a rigorous PT program a few weeks ago leaving me very stiff and sore, particularly in the ankle joint and incision area. After hearing some good feedback and reading on good information, I bought some kinesio tape this weekend and what a difference it has made. I no longer [...]

12 weeks post op and enjoying life again

Today officially marks 12 weeks since surgery and things are starting to feel normal day by day. The swelling in my foot is very minimal and I almost have complete range of motion. The limp is almost completely gone and I’m able to speed walk around the track for a few laps. My ankle does [...]

Two shoes for this guy :)

Happy to report I’m back in two shoes and walking quite normal for the most part. The swelling has definitely gone down significantly and the range of motion and calf strength seems to be increasing each day. At 10 weeks post op, the doc gave me the green light to resume normal activities at my [...]

Things are looking good :)

Hope everyone is off to a good Monday.
Things are looking good with my AR recovery. Had the surgery 24, January and placed in a splint for two weeks. Two weeks post op I had the stitches removed and placed in a cast for four weeks NWB with foot placed at decline angle. Had the cast [...]

Not the end of the world

First, I have to say that this website and the stories of the community members have really helped me find it much easier to deal with my ATR. My rupture occurred during a racquetball tournament in New Mexico; I reacted to the ball coming off the front wall when I heard a distinctive “pop” and [...]