Two shoes for this guy :)

Happy to report I’m back in two shoes and walking quite normal for the most part. The swelling has definitely gone down significantly and the range of motion and calf strength seems to be increasing each day. At 10 weeks post op, the doc gave me the green light to resume normal activities at my ability and told me just not to do anything crazy. Took my beloved motorcycle for a spin on my first day out of the boot on a beautiful south cArolina day and it was so awesome to have some freedom once again. Next goal is to increase calf strength and get my butt to running again.

2 Responses to “Two shoes for this guy :)”

  1. I am six weeks post op and was actually wondering if anyone else was able to ride their motorcycle after their surgery. I am fwb in my boot with no pain or no discomfort, cant wait to get into 2 shoes. Hearing that someone else was able to still ride their motorcycle gives me great hope that I will be on my bike this summer!! thanks!!!

  2. Must have felt great.

    Keep up the good work, but be careful.

    Keep us posted.

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