Touching Base

I have finally overcome my technophobia to start a blog on this exceptional site! Tore my left Achilles tendon on the 17th June this year at a concert! A decision was taken to manage it conservatively, however two weeks later at a review questioned this and the following day on the 2nd July I received a total repair. Two weeks of being in a full cast and then returned last week to have my foot manipulated from an equinus position to 90 degrees. I found the pain unbearable and they didn’t quite make it so I have to return this week for further repositioning. Then it is another week of NWB and then into a boot and PT. Had a mishap last night where my crutch slipped and I caught my balance with my left foot. No popping sound but terribly painful, and really worrying. I guess I will have to wait until Wednesday to assess the damage. Trying to remain positive, especially with so many other people worse off in the world, but feeling that I will never get back to recovery despite all your messages of hope! The fear or re rupture is overwhelming. I am also worried about my non injured leg and the extra tension on that Achilles. Could be worse though, heard news that a local gymnast ruptured both at the same time!!

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  1. I’ve read a few people whose foot was forced into 90 degrees early! Man, those sadistic doctors…I seriously would have knocked the crap out of my surgeon if he did that. I wonder what the benefit is instead of doing the steady heel wedge coercion.

    I totally hear you on the fear about extra tension on the “good” Achilles. It’s something I think about every day. Compared to getting stronger on the right leg due to all the extra exercise, the tendon would be the thing that does the complete opposite. And I keep begging the question that if one side was prone to the injury, could not the other suffer the same fate? Ay, dios.

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