Let’s get rid of the crutches… it has been 6 weeks right?

Those were the best words I have heard in a long time. The doc looked at my leg for like 10 seconds and said time to lose the crutches…. I said, “Do you want them?”.
Anyway, easier said than done, the nerve sensations in my heel are pretty tough to overcome right now, so I would [...]

Days 27 through 30 !!!!

Hello again,
First post op visit went great. I was surprised at the lack of swelling once the cast was removed. The Doc said I was healing better than 90% of his previous patients. Stitches were removed and I was place in a fiberglass cast for 12 more days.
Doc said I could go to a boot [...]

The day of and 26 days in!

Hello, I took the leap of faith and went to play flag football at church after many years of “desk work”. It was a beautiful Saturday and after two or three 20 minute games, I was feeling fine. We took a break for lunch and I made it a point to go back through a [...]

Hello world!

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