Let’s get rid of the crutches… it has been 6 weeks right?

Those were the best words I have heard in a long time. The doc looked at my leg for like 10 seconds and said time to lose the crutches…. I said, “Do you want them?”.

Anyway, easier said than done, the nerve sensations in my heel are pretty tough to overcome right now, so I would say I am sticking with the crutches as much as possible for two days and putting about 75% of my weight on my repaired foot until I can feel comfortable enough to take a half step.

Any suggestions on learning to walk again?

Get to take one heel wedge out in 2 weeks the then other is to be gone in 4 weeks. PT is next once it is approved through my insurance company. I look forward to that I think…

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  1. I am 5 weeks, 5 days post-op, so I guess really that’s 6 weeks- and I’m having trouble losing the crutches, too. I try to use only one crutch (on the opposite side) around the house. Then I try no crutches when I’m somewhere like the kitchen where there are plenty of counters to grab/lean on if need be. Also, I stand with crutches and lift my good foot off the ground and just let my body weight kind of sit there on the injured foot (in the boot) a couple times a day. Good luck and be brave! (that’s what I need, too)

  2. Are you in a boot or a cast?

    My experience was that my left heel would get very sore after walking without crutches. This usually happened at work where I walked around a fair amount. I had a pillow on my desk and raised my chair up so I could put my foot on the pillow when I was at my desk. The sensitivity in my heel diminished on a daily basis and I don’t think it lasted more than a week. You just have to grit your teeth and do it, there isn’t any other way. But, I never had all those casts and wedges at all, so that may have made it easier since my foot wasn’t pointed down.

    I tried using only one crutch and gave up on it pretty quickly and bought a cane. For me, a cane was much better than one crutch. I put stickers on it from companies like Patagonia, Outdoor Research and Mammut and it was pretty cool. But, it has been sitting in the closet for about a month now, unused.

  3. GerryR -
    I am still in the boot for another 4 weeks.
    I found that the best place to learn this new walking thing is up and down a narrow hallway. I walked up and down my hallway about 100 times yesterday, so I think I have the hang of it now.

    The “needles” in the heel do go away somewhat.

    I even drove a stick shift yesterday.

    No Pain, No Gain…..

  4. I walked up and down the corridor, with one hand on a radiator at first to see if my feet could bare the weight. I managed it pretty quickly and only took crutches when I left the house. Its called a walking boot for a reason :)

    Good luck

  5. Since you are still in a boot, I strongly recommend against driving a stick shift for a couple of reasons. First of all it isn’t safe, for you or others. Second, in some states it is illegal to drive with a cast or boot on either foot even if it is not on your driving leg

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