Days 27 through 30 !!!!

Hello again,

First post op visit went great. I was surprised at the lack of swelling once the cast was removed. The Doc said I was healing better than 90% of his previous patients. Stitches were removed and I was place in a fiberglass cast for 12 more days.

Doc said I could go to a boot on the 16th, and I said really, you said I could actually go to a boot? He laughed, then second guessed himself a little after I told him about Disney. But he said as long as I made sure to be careful in the boot……

So I was happy with that news, so much so, that I did not even ask about PWB/FWB timelines. Just darn glad to have an end of the cast day to look forward too.

Disney trip going ahead as planned. I am calling a company today to have an electric scooter delivered to the resort for me. If you try to rent one down there, they are only good for use in each park.  I am 38 and in good shape, just not willing to crutch it all over those parks for 6 days. I will pay the price and use the scooter.

Next post op visit - 12/16…. 9 more days of “castedness”. I am already wanting to cut this blasted thing off. It is like my leg is trapped in a sauna :-).

Let me finish with saying thanks to the folks who have responded. Hang in there, I can honestly say this is getting better and somewhat easier everyday. I can sit at my desk for about an hour at a time with my foot down now, then I need to elevate (more out of habit now than discomfort). Mentally, I am getting back to normal too, I am not a good sick person. I actually feel like my normal self now. Getting into the Christmas spirit and all. Good luck all. Hang in there.

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