The day of and 26 days in!

Hello, I took the leap of faith and went to play flag football at church after many years of “desk work”. It was a beautiful Saturday and after two or three 20 minute games, I was feeling fine. We took a break for lunch and I made it a point to go back through a decent amount of stretching before the games continued. 15 minutes into the final game of the day, while running half speed I heard the firecracker go off and the next thing I knew I was on the ground. I knew what had happened within 30 seconds.
Had my friend drive me to the ER, the PA did the Thompson test and my fears were confirmed. Ruptured left AT.
Went to the Ortho Doc on Monday 11/9, was set for surgery on 11/19. I spent those 12 days in a splint/wrap and on crutches. It was immediately apparent that elevation and ice were a must have.
Surgery day came and was actually a breeze (except for the 2 hour delay and the no food or drink routine). I had a pain block from the knee down, and enough IV meds to make me sleep comfortably. Woke up in recovery, had a cup of coffee and went home with a three sided splint to allow for swelling.
Once the block wore off, I was glad I had “pre” medicated about 3 hours prior. The pain was evident, but controllable. I stayed on the “oxy” for 3 days and knew it was quickly becoming habit forming, so I stopped.
The main thing for the first 10 days or so is elevation. For the past 4 days, I have noticed a dramatic improvement. The pain is almost completely gone (the only issue is the incision area and putting any pressure on it).
I can luckily say I have not had any accidents where pressure has been applied to the injured foot. I have probably been a model patient in most aspects. I have taken an aspirin a day to help with any notions of blood clots.
My family has been incredible (helps that the wife used to be a nurse). I have two boys who are old enough to help out the old man and pick up some of the house duties.
Tomorrow is the first post op visit. I have a slight hope that the doc will not prescribe an “ultra” conservative rehab.
We have had a planned Christmas vacation to Disney which begins on 12/17. I am not looking forward to crutching around those parks for a week. I will probably rent a wheelchair.
Anyway, this is my story so far, I have enjoyed reading the blogs on this site. I think everyone going through this should be pointed to this site by their care provider. If nothing else, it made me feel like I was not alone in my struggle to maintain some sanity.
Hang in there! It does get better each day!

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  1. Hey quickfix,

    you are so right about this site, it is a blessing for sure!

    I hope you get your wish with your doctor….you are probably going through just about the toughest part right now where it’s still a shock, you are not used to crutches and not wanting to do too much…it’s so hard and recovery seems such a long road !! I am only a couple of weeks ahead of you but it does get a little easier as you become more used to moving around one-legged.

    Great that your family are able to help so much. I have a 4 yr old son who just doesn’t get it, so I am constantly using a crutch like a golf club to bat toys etc out of my way!! All part of the fun!

    Anyways good luck with your doc and keep us updated!


  2. Hi, Quickfix. We had surgery on the same day! Yesterday was my first post-op visit and I moved from splint to cast and crutches. My doctor is one of the “absolutely no weight bearing for the next two weeks” kinds. So that means between waiting for surgery, recovering from surgery and now this 2 weeks on crutches, it’ll be about 6 weeks of non weight bearing at the very least. You’re lucky you got your surgery so quickly! And you should most definitely rent a wheelchair for Disneyland- that place is brutal even on 2 feet.

  3. I think renting the wheelchair is a must.
    It’s amazing how tired you can get from crutching around.

    I’m 9 weeks out today and went back to work, I’m exhausted and I only worked 3.5 hours.

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