Second Doctor Appointment — 1 week post-injury

Posted on July 21st, 2011 in Uncategorized by quepasa18

One week after my ATR I met with the surgeon for the first time.  I really like him a lot.  He took the time to explain my choice between surgical and non-surgical options and answered my questions about his qualifications.  I chose the surgery because it seemed best for me.

This was going into the 4th of July holiday weekend (the 4th being on a Monday) so the earliest I could get in was Tuesday.   Because the school where I teach has that whole week off for summer break, I really wanted the surgery ASAP so hopefully I’d be ready to go back to school the following Monday.  He was able to schedule the surgery for 4:45pm on Tuesday, which was great.

I also expressed concern about getting around school after surgery.  I teach at a technical college and have to cover a lot of distance between my office and the classrooms or other places I need to go.  So he  gave me a prescription for a knee walker.  I feel like a huge dork rolling around campus, but it’s a life-saver.  I’d hate to have to use crutches the whole time I’m NWB.

My next post will cover my surgery.

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