Re-rupture or not?

Last year in december I had a ATR on my left foot, had surgery and all went well. This year I had a ATR on my right foot and chose non-surgical this time.. Things went quite well, even though I experienced more pain than the first round. Started 2 shoes at week 8 and progressed good from there.

After 12 weeks I stepped over a bag on the floor and felt the dreaded pop again and felt my world fall apart. This was 2 days ago, and since it is holidays now I haven’t had the opportunity to visit the hospital yet (will on tuesday). Though I’m not really sure what to do until then..

The thing is now that I still have some strength in my leg and I can flex my muscle a very little bit, does this mean the tendon still is attached? I’ve had a hard big lump (3-4cm long and around the tendon) above my rupture since early in the recovery, and now it hurts in the edge of this piece..

It has hurt really bad now for 2 days, but hurts the most if I extend my leg or push with my fingers on the edge of the “hard stuff”. Flexing my foot doesn’t hurt and I can do sitting heel-lifts without problem.

So I wonder if it only was scar tissue that ripped and that the muscle was somehow attached to this?

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  1. glenskieus on April 4th, 2015

    Hi Qoma, I’m sorry to hear that .. I think at this moment in time its safer that you put your foot in Plantar Flexion until you have your doc Checked it. as you are not sure yet with your AT. Also just to avoid further damage on AT.. Hope its just a minor Tear…

  2. qoma on April 4th, 2015

    Hi Glenskieus, and thank you. I’ve been wearing my boot with 3 wedges on and off since the incident, though the pressure of the boot hurts pretty bad. Though the pain is getting better.

    I guess it’s impossible for anyone to say what’s the case for me but I just want what the possibilities could be.. My mind has been running around all the time and I’m feeling so down from all this worrying and not having any answers..

    I’m worrying about if it would be partial tear or some type of scar tissue, and that if I don’t do surgery that I would heal long or that if the lump of scar tissue is hindering me from healing properly somehow..

    I haven’t had any help with PT and almost no instructions, I’ve basically followed UWO protocol and doing the excersises, but I’ve had a small gap in the tendon all the time.. I read that others have had gaps and it was ok so I stopped worrying about it after a while.

  3. glenskieus on April 4th, 2015

    I hear you mate.. Thats my feeling when i slept couple of days ago and accidentally use my injured foot..yes i’ve read and watched on you tube some conservative method that there is still a lump and Gap in there.. Some are already FWB on boot in 2 weeks, maybe because there is no Incision to worry about?.. But stay Positive and be Cautious better to be on the safe side..Cheers!

    Hey try search Brady Browne on Youtube.. He is a football player but tried the conservative Method..:)

  4. donna on April 4th, 2015

    You said: ” Though I’m not really sure what to do until then..” and I think glen gave good advice, rest it, stay off it until you get it checked out Tuesday. It could be any of the things you mentioned.

    You also said: ” …I’m feeling so down from all this worrying and not having any answers..” As an older woman I’d like to think I’ve gained some hard won wisdom, so what I’d say to this is what has happened and is going to happen is what it is and will be that whether you worry or not…so it would be most beneficial to you to let the worry go, they are just all possible stories you are telling yourself and NONE may be true…your really can’t know until you know Tuesday…so rest your mind as well as your body, be your own best friend and do something to distract yourself that is enjoyable or at the least doesn’t lend itself to more worry. Big smile for you and all the best!

  5. qoma on April 4th, 2015

    Thank you Donna for your words. Worrying is not so nice but at the same time I will probably have a decision to make about surgery or not, and it makes me seek information about it. But worrying about things I have no control over is of course just stupid..

    Though as time has passed I’m thinking more and more that surgery is the best choice long term.

    These are the possibilities that I think I’m facing:

    1. Full rupture, start from the beginning. I would probably opt for surgery since the complications I had.

    2. Partial tear. I don’t know if this would be much difference in treatment from a full tear and recovery time the same.. Would maybe choose surgery if it is up to me.

    3. No rupture but some scar tissue tear or similar. I’ve read about someone here who went through this and healed long and couldn’t gain strength. I feel this could happen because I have the strength of when I was at week 6-7 but much more flexibility now. So in the end I would have to have surgery to fix it in the end.

    What hurts most is that I’ve really looked forward to this summer for different reasons all winter and could easier accept the injury when it happened in January, but know it might ruin it and I’m gutted about it..

  6. Stuart on April 4th, 2015

    The spam word is patience and I know it is very hard at this point to be patient but really you are going to need someone to look at it as all the possibilties you have mentioned are plausable. If your strength is considerably reduced but you can feel movement in your calf as you move your foot then a partial rupture sounds most likely and it can be treated non surgical with a bit of a set back. The advice others have given is sound. Leave the boot on until you have a proper exam. I would suggest an MRI for a more conclusive result. Which ever way it turns out you must decide the best way forward for you. I always say to Hope for the Best and Plan for the Worst. I know emotionally you feel gutted at this point and there are few words that will make you feel better until you have seen the doc. Hope that goes well for you. Maybe pig out on some chocolate until then. Some people have said it makes them feel better when depressed.

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