Re-rupture surgery done, back to day 1

Had surgery today, my tendon had not healed at all with the non operative treatment and was just attached very little and it was just a question of when it would snap. The tendon was now 6cm too short and required gastroc recession/achilles slide/achilles lengthening to make it long enough(cutting in the calf muscle basically).

Rehab will be the standard 2 weeks cast, then stitches removed and boot fitted going 6 weeks.

The achilles lengthening will affect my strength, don’t know how much the rehab will be different in terms of pain and strength gaining in regards of a normal rehab and the result in the end.

Forgot to ask questions about scar tissue and cause of the bad healing, hope to get answers in next appointment.

Surgeon said that the tendon felt good and strong now from the repair, so hope I’ll progress as good as from my first rupture surgery on my other leg.

Right now it’s all about pain management and being as careful as possible while moving.

Re-rupture surgery confirmed

I went to a relative in another town and have gotten it examined now in the hospital there. It will be operated sometime next week.

Though I didn’t get any mri’s or such and few answers, they just concluded that this was the best solution. Though the surgery might be more complex in a re-rupture so I can only hope for the best. It feels better now when the decision is made.

Re-rupture or not?

Last year in december I had a ATR on my left foot, had surgery and all went well. This year I had a ATR on my right foot and chose non-surgical this time.. Things went quite well, even though I experienced more pain than the first round. Started 2 shoes at week 8 and progressed good from there.

After 12 weeks I stepped over a bag on the floor and felt the dreaded pop again and felt my world fall apart. This was 2 days ago, and since it is holidays now I haven’t had the opportunity to visit the hospital yet (will on tuesday). Though I’m not really sure what to do until then..

The thing is now that I still have some strength in my leg and I can flex my muscle a very little bit, does this mean the tendon still is attached? I’ve had a hard big lump (3-4cm long and around the tendon) above my rupture since early in the recovery, and now it hurts in the edge of this piece..

It has hurt really bad now for 2 days, but hurts the most if I extend my leg or push with my fingers on the edge of the “hard stuff”. Flexing my foot doesn’t hurt and I can do sitting heel-lifts without problem.

So I wonder if it only was scar tissue that ripped and that the muscle was somehow attached to this?