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A short history of a long journey

My story began on June 22nd, 2013 playing netball, just 2 weeks after my 30th Birthday. An active and healthy Australian girl, I’d had a normal week of training (3-4 times a week) and had no signs of what was to come! We warmed up as usual, and I had ran out 20 mins of the game.

I knew as soon as I heard and felt a loud “pop” what had happened and waited for the pain. When it came it was intense, sharp and what I describe as “disgusting”. I was soon in my partners car for a 45 min drive to our local hospital where I waited for 3 hours in emergency. I usually work at the hospital, so what an eye opener to the patients perspective!!  The consultant finally saw me and confirmed my suspicion…. A complete ruptured Achillies Tendon.

My surgery was planned for a week later as my surgeon describes early surgery as messy and difficult and felt he had best chance of repair once the swelling had reduced and the tendon had “declared itself”. What a long week!

Its now two weeks post my surgery and I have been compliant with elevating my leg above heart level for 23 hours a day. Reading, movies and craft have been my life and I’ve been so fortunate to have my family and my gorgeous dog to get me through so far.

I know  only one other person who has had this injury and hers was 15 years ago. The achillesblog has been so useful in answering my 101 never ending questions and I hope my story will one day be of help to someone else.

And so I begin the long journey to recovery…