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12 week update

Filed under: Uncategorized — purple at 5:06 am on Saturday, September 21, 2013

I’m almost at week 12 post op now and seeing some good progress. Finally I can walk without my crutches  in bare feet  and shoes ! I did have to buy some new work shoes as none of my shoes fit my fat foot! I found some comfortable work shoes which have been ok.

I went to pool for first time today and I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed swimming so much. I could only manage breaststroke but at least I got some exercise. And I did all my new exercises in the pool which was so much better than struggling at home.

I am still getting some pain when walking and my calf strength is poor. But slowly getting there.

Have been pretty emotional this week, I think everything is just catching up on me. Funny that I’m making more progress but also crying more ha ha!

Getting lots of sewing done, that’s always good :)