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6 week review: black cloud lifting

Filed under: Uncategorized — purple at 6:25 am on Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Hi all,

I’m now 6 weeks post AT repair and had my second follow up today, with lots of positives from my surgeon!! I’m so excited to be fully weight bear as tolerated, but remain in vacoped for another 4 weeks. I start physio tomorrow and can take my boot off to shower!! I’m allowed to start riding a bike!! I can go back to work full time!! Suddenly a big black cloud has lifted and the sun is shining through!

I’m so excited to get off these crutches very soon and regain some independence. I’m sure my partner is also, poor thing!!

Anyway that’s all, wanted to share my excitement at some progress and a change in mood!!




Comment by superjewgrl

August 14, 2013 @ 8:32 am

Yay! Congrats to you! Keep us posted.


Comment by kellygirl

August 14, 2013 @ 2:21 pm

Congratulations. You are on your way now. Physio, biking, showering, working–there’s no stopping you. Good luck :)


Comment by loumar747

August 14, 2013 @ 4:51 pm

What fun! I loved it when I could take the boot off to shower. Ahhh- such little pleasures. We’ll have to remember them when we’re back to our old selves and little things get us down! Enjoy you new found freedom.


Comment by Kiki

August 14, 2013 @ 11:02 pm

Congrats! I’m a week ahead of you but still limited to PWB. You’re an advertisement for the faster protocol!


Comment by purple

August 14, 2013 @ 11:59 pm

Thanks team for the lovely posts!! Ha ha I really wasn’t sure how I was progressing in comparison until this review as I hadn’t started physio, but seems now I’m right on track!! Poster girl look out!! Ha ha


Comment by wendyeaux

August 15, 2013 @ 9:08 am

Swift Healing Purple. I joined this group yesterday and am learning my way around, but haven’t figured out the personal blog yet. :/ ?

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