8 Week Appt

Had my 8 week appt on Friday. Surgery was for achilles tendon repair (tendonitis) and bone spur removal. Still in the boot! Arrgh! At 2 weeks my splint was removed and I was allowed to slowly start putting weight on foot. At 4 weeks I was permitted to go FWB. It backfired. Got extreme swelling and developed a rejection to the sutures. Turns out they were Vicryl sutures. At about 5 weeks I developed a small lump at the top of incision site. So at my 6 week appt I was ordered back in the boot and possible immobilization if the lump was tendon. So, the good news, is it’s not the tendon. The lump is a deep suture abscess. Apparently it will go away on its own. Anyone else have this? ┬áBut to be safe, I’m still in the boot for another 2 weeks! So at first it seemed I was on fast protocol. Now slow since this was not a rupture. I can start PT this week. I’m worried about that though. The incision site is still tender and sore, of course. I can drive, do my 2.5 hour part time job, and go to PT, but the rest of the time I’m in the boot. Nightsplint at bedtime. So, at 10 weeks I will be out of the boot. So, there is a light at the end of the tunnel now. I do worry about my walking. It’s not walking, it’s hobbling. When I’m at my job I am in shoes. And I walk like Frankenstein. It’s like I forgot to walk. I’m not using the tendon. So, part of the work of the PT person will be to train me how to walk again. Seems like that will be hard since I’m still in the boot most of the time. Oh, and I also still have to wear the Ace compression bandage for another month at all times. I’m no longer allowed to wear my dear, flexible, stretchable Nike Frees. So I ordered the Brooks Addiction and Asics GT-2000 that were recommended and we will see if either of those fit on my huge right foot! I’ll probably post again after my first PT appt. Wish me luck!

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  1. I really appreciated using a cane at the stage you are. Go slowly, putting weight on your heel first so you don’t limp and get your spine misaligned. I developed a slight infection to one of my sutures and was given antibiotics. But it cleared in a couple of weeks. I had to be in a boot for six weeks after being in a cast for four weeks, so you are making good progress. Stay positive!

  2. Thanks Debuff. I’ve got to start doing that today with the cane. Already have back pain from being out of balance in boot. I really am trying to stay positive. I know I will truly appreciate something as simple as taking my dog for a walk around the block some day, hopefully soon.

  3. Forgot to tell you to use the cane on the opposite side from your injured foot. It’s my right foot that was operated on, so I hold the cane in my left hand . It will keep you balanced when you step forward on your weak foot. People were more considerate when you are maneuvering through the crowded aisles at the grocery store when you are walking slowly with a cane. Good luck!

  4. Good luck!

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