Calf on surgery leg is swollen. DVT?

I probably just have too much time on my hands post surgery but starting to panic that I might have DVT. Hopefully you guys can reassure me otherwise. I’m 20 days post surgery to repair tendon and remove bone spur. I’m already out of the splint and PWB with crutches. But I have been noticing my right calf (I had surgery on right foot) is bigger than the left side. Shouldn’t it be the opposite? I assumed the non-surgery leg would be bigger than the other. The calf is not warm to the touch or discolored. Could there be another reason why my calf would appear noticeably larger? Everyone talks about how injured leg so much smaller. Opposite for me. And should I take baby aspirin now or is it too late for that if I do have DVT (deep vein thrombosis). Couldn’t sleep at all last night. Doctors office not open yet. Any words of wisdom?

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  1. I’d call the Dr as soon as they open if you are worried about DVT. For the most part, my ATR calf is smaller but I did notice that by the end of the day (week9/10) my ATR calf would swell and look almost normal. It never looked bigger though. These days it always looks smaller. Just my experience. Wish I could be more helpful.

  2. My doctor put me on Lovenox for 14 days after surgery. I had to give myself a shot in the stomach each day. It sucked. But it was a precaution to avoid DVT. My calf was never swollen or warm, I would definitely contact your doctor!!

  3. Thanks! I have an appt this afternoon. Freaking out over here. Hopefully I’m overreacting. But need peace of mind.

  4. I guess that your state of panic is causing you not to think straight. If you have questions like that you should be asking medics - you don’t seem to be in the UK where we have NHS Direct and now a 111 service, as well as GPs who we can call, but I’m expecting that you have something similar. My injured leg and foot were bigger than the good side for much of my recovery (especially as the day went on), and I hadn’t even gone through the trauma of surgery. It’s probably not DVT, and if so, you need to calm down.

    Once you have ruled that out, you’ll remember that, unlike for many who visit our hospitals’ cancer and oncology departments, an ATR is not life threatening (DVT-permitting!). You have an opportunity to have a break, time for a rethink on whatever, lots of stuff that you don’t normally have time for.

    This must be one of the best blogs around, quite a community really, and one where many of us come out of it fitter than before. Masses of real, not just hypothetical, experience.

    So take a deep breath and tell yourself that it’s not such a big deal after all.

  5. hi pugnut68, how did you get on? I did develop a DVT and then suffered a pulmonary embolism as a result! I had no pain in my calf, but my leg was swollen, which I put down to the injury and I did occasionally have a pain just above the back of my knee. I didn’t notice it being hot or red. I’m glad you’re getting it checked out. Fingers crossed it’s nothing.

  6. Hi Pugnut68…… Wishing you well. You were definitely right to contact your physician and based on what I’ve read on this site, it’s smart to be prudent.

    Keep us posted. Take Care.

  7. Turns out it was nothing. Just swollen calf. Elevate more. He squeezed my calf and said “you don’t have DVT.” If you had DVT, the pain would have been through the roof and he would have immediately ordered an ultrasound cause it is serious. He said it was good I had it checked out. Besides, I wouldn’t have been able to sleep until I did!

  8. Hi pugnut68,
    I’m at 19 weeks and my ankle, foot, and calf are still swollen and stiff. I use my cold therapy machine every evening. Healing is a very slow process. Sometimes I forget and try to wear some less supportive shoes and walk too much so swelling puffs out over the edge of my shoe. Take care and ice often.

  9. I will have to look into getting one of those cold therapy machines. Now that the splint is off. Turns out I will be going into boot. When I saw doc regarding DVT he said I would probably go into boot at 4 weeks. Right now I have nothing. Just ace bandage. But I don’t walk on it. Just a little PWB like he showed me. He said I can start slow ankle stretches.

  10. HI pugnut68
    so glad you had the all clear.

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