2 week post surgery appt today!

Today I will have my 2 week post surgery appt. after tendon repair and bone spur removal. I can’t sleep. Too excited. I’m expecting to get taken out of super tight splint. Haven’t done much this past 2 weeks but keep it elevated on pillows and order my poor teenage boys around. I still have little bursts of pain at the incision site. I am completely NWB so no idea how it will feel when I actually put any weight on it. Will it hurt when doc removes staples? Sounds painful. I’m expecting to be put in a boot but not sure how PWB works. So far I’ve only used my knee scooter, never the crutches. Can I still use knee scooter if he says I can start PWB? Might be hard if boot goes up to knee like my old boot. I have so many questions for him. This will be my first time talking to him since before surgery! Don’t want to overwhelm him and not get the important questions answered. Like when can I drive. When can I go back to my part-time job. Can I go upstairs now and sleep in own bed and shower. Do I still need to keep foot elevated most the time. Wish me luck! I’m hoping it will go well.

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  1. Pugnut…
    Hope you get on well, I find it difficult to remember all the important questions too. I( just go armed with a list and tick them off…
    I had staples removed about 5 weeks ago and there was no physical pain involved… just the psychological pain after seeing the scar. 5 weeks on I can confidently say it looks a lot better. I looked at a knee scooter online, looks like fun!
    Over the last week I have ditched the crutches in favour of hobbling about on the boot. I have had 2 of the 6 wedges removed from it and it feels good to put a bit of weight on it again and help build the muscle back up..
    Any way.. good luck hope it all goes well!

  2. Pugnut, I hope the post-op appt went well. I’ve been PWB in a boot for two weeks now, and use both the crutches and the scooter depending on where I’ll be going, what I’m doing, etc. Sometimes the scooter is more trouble than it’s worth, but I would hate to be only on crutches.

    My scooter has a two-part leg rest and I think the instructions say to put the top of the boot in the gap. I tend to just move my leg around until I find a comfortable position.

    If you get the ok to go up and down stairs, make sure someone shows you how to do it properly so that you don’t fall.

    I still sleep with my foot elevated and when I’m seated tend to put it up on a footstool, the scooter, or whatever is convenience. It’s just more comfortable and may help with the residual swelling.

  3. I posted a new post about my 2 week appt just now. So happy to be out of splint but starting PWB is tough. I’ll try again tomorrow. Seems so soon! And I’m wearing my old night splint at bedtime. I asked him about it and he thought it would be a good idea. To protect it and also start the process of getting out of the toe pointing down and to a more neutral position. But no boot! That was a big surprise. Only boot if I’m outside. Maybe the boot might help for going up my stairs though. I’m afraid to try the stairs still!

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