First Post-op appt. Dressings seem too tight now.

Had my first post-op appt today, 5 days after tendon repair and bone spur removal. It went ok but I feel like the circulation is cut off on my foot and leg now. Not sure if its just me or I need to go back. It never felt this way til the appt where they re-dressed the splint (never got a cast). How do you know if dressings put on too tight? The surgeon was off this week so his partner surgeon did the re-dressing. Can’t imagine waiting til next Friday when I’m expected to be put into boot.

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  1. I felt that exact same way. I found it to be unbearable. I had to take ambien to get to sleep in my ambien slumber i removed my surgical dressing. My dressing was a soft plaster splint of some sort.

    My doctor was in shock, but he put me in the cast 3 days early.

    After I saw my scar, I understood why it felt like my foot was getting chocked. My scar was close to my heel and they had to do a lengthening procedure so I was all reconstructed on the inside.

    I hope the pain subsides. Good luck.

  2. That must have been a huge shock when you woke up! Thanks for the warning. It still feels very tight even after they re-did it today but guess its necessary for healing. I will just lose sleep and watch TV to distract myself. Just 9 more nights to get thru then I’m supposed to go straight to a boot! Can not wait! And then I can sleep in my own upstairs bed!

  3. 8 days is a long time to be in pain. Do your meds take care if it? You may want to go back if its unbearable. For me I was happy to go to a cast from the dressing. That should give u an example of how unbearable it was.

    Depending on the boot you move to there could be an adjustment period. Sorry I’m not trying to be negative. Each day it gets better but I felt really low for a few weeks. I had surgery because I re-ruptured so my mental framework wasn’t the best. You’ll get through it. I still can’t sleep without a sleep aid. Not because of pain, but not sure why.

    Good luck. Your going thru the worst of it now but it will get better! Keep us posted.

    Happy Healing!

  4. Well they redressed it today but to me it still seems very constricting and thick. I swear I didn’t notice it until I went in the first time and a different doctor redressed it. Different than the actual surgeon. Then another different doctor for today cause I told them it was just too darn tight. Keeping it elevated helps but I feel it going numb. Is that normal? And what meds would work on this problem? It’s not really pain like Vicodin type pain. And i hated the vicodin side effect. Would alleve or Motrin help with this? What sleep aid do you use now? I dread bedtime especially since I have to sleep downstairs on a very uncomfortable couch with the crickets that somehow got in the house. And my noisy dogs. I actually feel lucky if i get a total of 5 hours sleep lately. Yeh, I figure it won’t be easy even when I get the boot next Friday. I’m sure I will be PWB for a long time. And I will probably have to start using crutches for the partial part of it. My knee scooter has been a lifesaver for me. How did you re-rupture?

  5. I re-ruptured in the boot. I went non-op my first time. I was in a cast for three weeks and my first day in the boot my wedge wasn’t affixed and it slid under my foot and my heel went down and the pain was pretty substantial. I was walking down the street…and bam. My original injury was way more traumatizing but the second was way more painful.

    So I sort of have PTSD going back into that boot. I was on Vicodin and an anti-inflammatory that begins with a K. Ihave to go look it up. You can’t take it for more than 5 days without liver safety issues. I didn’t get more than 5 hours also until 2 1/2 weeks post op. It really sucks also. Aspirin PM works. I am working from home and the aspirin PM gives me sort of a hangover so I take ambien during the week. But I was waking up in pain with ambien. Aspirin PM I slept long. I told the nurse it felt like my foot was getting strangled and she said it sounds about right. A friend recommended taking a Valium. I was too nervous to ask the OS but I may ask my regular doc.

    I bought an ottoman and that’s like my best friend. I feel for ya.

    Oh yeah…. I started walking on my splint like 5 days into it. (I’m not the best patient) because I had to make a made dash to the potty. I didn’t make a happy of it until I went into the cast but getting up and moving at least a little sort of revitalized me. I didn’t tell my doctor of course.

    Keep us posted. Good luck with everything.

  6. I didn’t sleep more than two hours a night for the first month. Tylenol pm is probably a little safer than aspirin pm or ibuprofen. They gave me an amblim in the hospital. You might call your doc . I had an hot burning pain down my calf inside the cast that I would put an ice pack behind my knee above my cast that helped a little. Finally at my three month appointment the doc said that the nerve block had damaged my nerve and it would eventually heal. After the burn subsided it has been numb from my knee to my little toes. I’m at 17 weeks and am now having random hot surges which means the nerve is growing back together. So the doctor has prescribed Lyrica which I take before bed to sleep. 1
    /10,000 get nerve damage from a block. Guess I’m lucky. Should have bought a lottery ticket.

  7. Others has said the same as you debuff about aspirin. Why don’t you recommend aspirin? Just curious, it’s my favorite go to pain reliever.

    Sorry about your nerve. I thought when the nerve block wore off it was someone’s idea of a cruel joke, so I can’t imagine what you went through.

    I had 2 martinis with lunch on Saturday and I had a nice relaxing nap afterward. Of course it was impossible to crtuch afterwards but it definitely allowed me to “chillax”.

    Take Care!

  8. Went grocery shopping for an hour just now and my toes turned tingly and purple as I scooted around. Mistake! Should have stayed home and let family do the shopping without me. Only one week post surgery. Up til now I keep my foot elevated most of the time so having knee on scooter and foot pointed downward not a good idea with extremely tight splint! Just took an alleve and have 3 pillows under my foot. Toes no longer purple but still tingling! Is alleve the best for this?

  9. You are right to ditch the shopping and keep your foot up. Elevation is the best thing. The blue, tight toes when my foot was down lasted about 3 weeks after the injury for me but is much better now.( 7 weeks)
    Your healing will be better and less chance of getting a DVT.

  10. Pugnut. I kept my scooter an extra month, as now that I am in the boot with a cane, by the end of the day, my Achilles hurts,and the scooter gives the heel a rest. , .. This,was my doctors recommendation!?!!,

  11. Pugnut….keep up the good work. I will be two months post-op on Wednesday, the 11th…am now in the boot alone, driving, and will return the scooter next week. Today while running to answer the phone, I twisted my ankle….we were on our way out to dinner and I thought for sure I did some real damage to my foot and ankle. Luckily, by the time we came home it felt fine, so I assume enough healing has taken place so the ankle twisting did not do any real damage!!!! Whew!!! Close call!!!

  12. Sounds scary. Glad you are okay! I can’t imagine running. Seems so far away. Can barely walk more than a few steps and I can’t put all my weight on the foot of course. I’m supposed to be PWB but it hurts. Scooter is so much easier. I might end up keeping it longer than a month too. But still life is so much better than those first 2 weeks that’s for sure!

  13. Pugnut, you’re a prime example of why I prefer crutches to scooters and other alternatives — because the alternatives are addictive, and best-practice rehab means breaking that addiction quickly — often 2 weeks in — and completely. PWB and FWB As Tolerated are both initially scary and slow and uncomfortable, but they are the road to recovery, the way to make your foot less hypersensitive to pressure and to teach your body to grow and regrow an AT that is strong and tough.

    Electric scooters and wheelchairs are also super-convenient, but lots of patients never get out of them…

  14. Part of the problem is I keep doubting the doctor. It’s been 23 days. Maybe that’s enough time but I keep thinking the pain means its still healing and if I put weight on it, it’s just going to rupture. You are right, I’m sure. I need to use the crutches more. But how much? All day long or should I still have my foot elevated most of the time. I’m supposed to start doing mild foot stretches but feels impossible.

  15. When I was on crutches, shopping seemed to be THE WORST! I’ve no idea why, but 30 minutes of shopping seemed to wipe out me and my leg worse than 30 minutes of walking or standing or anything else. I kept thinking it would help to have a cart, but no…

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