I survived the surgery yesterday!

Well, I made it though the surgery. I posted about getting MAC anesthesia but when the doctor came by right before surgery he said, you are having general. No way could you have Mac. You will be on your stomach. So some one at his office panicked me for nothing! The surgery went ok. I’m in pain but only day two. I didn’t get to talk to the doctor. He talked with my husband. They bifurcated the tendon to get to the bone spur and remove tons of scar tissue and bursa. They also used a screw to attach heel bone to tendon. Using my scooter to get around.

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  1. Congrats! Same here,surgery yesterday around noon…regional block wore off around noon today and that was a rude awakening. Been taking hydrocodone as prescribed which helps but if put my foot down to use restroom, it’s excruciating pain. Hopefully yours is different! Let me know if you’ve been experiencing anything similar. Best of luck,
    John in Columbus

    PS - how in the heck did you create a post?!

  2. Yeh today’s pain is worse than yesterday. I didn’t a regional block. Just the general anesthesia then a percacet. Then they gave me Vicodin ES for home. The key is elevation. I always have my foot elevated. Even for restroom try not to put it down. I rest my foot on knee scooter. Watching a lot of TV. Not used to just lying around all the time.

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  3. I am 3 weeks post op. When my nerve block wore off my hell began. My experience was the first week after surgery was a special kind of hell for me. Some people have gone to the beach, although I’m jealous I definitely could never have done that. I was on Vicodin and another anti-inflammatory which did okay but they are hard on your body.

    I highly recommend Netflix. I wish u well! It’s going to get worse before it gets better but it will get better. Keep us posted! Happy Healing!

  4. Is it normal for the doctor to use a screw to attach heel to tendon? Won’t it eventually get infected? I didn’t get to talk to doctor but I was hoping he wouldn’t have to do that. I am so spoiled by this knee scooter. I tried using the crutches cause I’m thinking I will have to use them on Tuesday for doctor appt to change dressings. Maybe I’ll find a way to bring the scooter instead. Not the best if there are steps.

  5. Hi Pugnut, if you can set up a marathon tracker on here, it will encourage you.
    Re. screwing the heel to tendon - its normal for some people on here. Think positive and visualise you won’t get an infection ;)
    When are you allowed to weight bear? x

  6. I’ll try the marathon tracker. As long as I can do from iPhone. Too hard to get to computer. Do a lot get infections from it? Seems very possible. I’ll try not think about it since its already done. I don’t even know when I’m allowed to weight bear. He didn’t say. Before the surgery he said he would put me in the boot after 2 weeks but I assume that is best case scenario. Intense pain right now despite Vicodin.

  7. I found the marathon tracker but how do I add my info to it? Couldn’t find it under Dashboard.

  8. I find the ATR Timeline Widget more useful than the marathon widget. I think the data blanks should be automatically populated with the answers you gave when you first logged in or registered — PROVIDED you used the same login name in both cases. If you used different ones you might have to do something extra. More info from Dennis?

  9. What’s the link to timeline widget? Can’t find it. I entered all my info on profile. Couldn’t find widget or marathon. But I’m just using a smartphone which isn’t as smart as a PC. Impossible for me to get to the PC for awhile.

  10. Dennis, maybe you could add my profile info to widget and tracker? Can’t seem to do it from this not so smart smartphone. Can’t get to upstairs pc.

  11. i had surgery sept 17 2013 to remove Bone spur from heal and had Achilles detached and re attached.. I have had no pain…week 2 went back for post op visit. never had a cast. ankle wrapped and a plastic boot that was wrapped… dr said only use boot at night and ok to shower and keep ankle wrapped. i am at week 5 and i can hobble around and probably walk on foot if I wanted to. experience some tingling in week 3/4 when put weight on foot like nerves were waking back up. still no pain. i got a scooter the first day and have used it everyday since. i never used the crutches because i am 58 and afraid i will fall. the scooter is excellent. I am able to move around and cook and do all kinds of small household chores including laundry. uhc ins paid for scooter because i met my deductible the day of surgery …. i keep reading about screws and cast and i had neither. go back to dr at week 6, be prepared to lay around for the first 4 weeks and keep leg elevated. scooter has allowed family to take me outside of home when i desire.

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