No General Anesthesia at tomorrow’s surgery! MAC instead?

I posted this under my other recent “calm down” post but thought I would also start a new post. I have about 17 hours til surgery now. The pre-op nurse called and says I’m having MAC anesthesia! Remember I said I was having serious anxiety before, well triple that! I assumed it was General Anesthesia! My surgery is supposed to take 2 hours or so of actual surgery, not preop or recovery! How can I have twilight anesthesia? Don’t most people have general anesthesia? Should I ask the anestheologist tomorrow morning if he can switch it? Help please! I wish I had known this a few weeks ago! I’ve also seen mention about a “kneee block”. The nurse didn’t know anything about that. She said mention that to your anesthesiologist. Do I need to ask for that? What if I wake up from “twilight” during surgery?

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  1. I posted this under your other comments but here ya go!

    Hey Pugnut,

    Just 4 weeks ago I had a nerve block and no general anesthesia for my ATR. I have to say it was the best decision I made. The main reason for my decision was not needing the breathing tube and being able to come out of it that much easier. Basically what they did was start my IV, then gave me a relaxing drug as they wheeled me into the OR room. The only thing I remember after that was helping them get me onto the table and them telling me they were going to put in the nerve block into my back. I did not feel it nor do I remember the nerve block being applied. I was awake and answering questions throughout the procedure (so they say) but I do not remember it. I came to in recovery like waking up from a nap. No groggy feelings or nausea at all. I just had to wait long enough for the nerve block to wear off in my good leg and they released me.

    I asked the same questions you did with regards to how long the anesthesia would last, and what happens if the procedure takes longer than expected. The anesthesiologist was in the room the entire time and said that if needed, it could be done w/o me ever knowing. That said, my procedure was an hour long and it took another 90 minutes for it to wear off. I believe they plan for the length of your procedure accordingly.

    I hope this helps. Obviously no one here wants to swing you one way or the other, just give you guidance based on their experiences. I would tak with your doctor and go with what will make you the most comfortable mentally. Good luck!

  2. I’ve had a number of surgeries without GA, and I don’t remember a thing about any of them. I took some pills to “relax” me, and snoozed through the ops. The one where I KNOW I had GA was my open-heart surgery, and I didn’t enjoy the breathing tube after I first woke up. I was also thinking and hearing and responding with about a 7-second delay, which was frustrating. (A nurse or orderly was telling me to stop biting the breathing tube. I remember thinking “What is this idiot talking about? I’m not biting the. . . Chomp! Chomp!” :-) )

    I’d recommend skipping the GA if you can. I suspect a lot of those “relaxing pills” have strong anti-anxiety effects, too. . .

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