Knee Scooter Recommendations?

Wow! Knee scooters aren’t cheap! I’ve been quoted $130 a month for a rolleraid model. An Essential model is $65 a week or $130 a month. Maybe I should just rent it for a month since I don’t know how long I will need it? Which brand is better? Essential or Rolleraid? The rolleraid model they come to your home and pickup when done. I need a streamlined one since limited space in house. Insurance does not cover. I’m afraid of crutches!

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  1. I bought a Roscoe knee scooter (with basket) for ca. $220. I went ahead and purchased it because it seemed that it might work out cheaper in the long run, especially since I don’t know long I’ll need it; I figure I can always resell it on craigslist or ebay. With Amazon prime, the shipping was free.

    Granted, I’ve used it for less than a week, but so far the only complaint I have is that the turning radius isn’t as small as I would like, but it’s lightweight and easy to reposition if I need to make a tight turn.

  2. If you’re on a protocol that’s slow enough — spends long enough NWB (since PWB is best done on crutches) — to justify buying a knee scooter, I’d rent a smarter better-read doctor rather than a knee scooter. Seriously, when the most successful 2010 protocol — — has ATR patients spending only TWO WEEKS NWB, and the even newer study (discussed recently on this site) got even better results going a week or two FASTER(!), who’s got time to get used to a crutch alternative?!?

    Don’t forget that PWB is a crutch-based technique, and it should start very soon after treatment begins, op or non-op.

    Sure, it’s handy to have a chair with wheels in the kitchen so you can carry coffee and food around, but you probably already have one of those in the house without buying anything, no? I used a wheeled office chair there, and I sometimes kneeled on it, too, e.g., to wash dishes or make coffee, etc.

    OTOH, lots of people here (many or most of them on “criminally” too-slow protocols) did love their knee scooters. . .

  3. I purchased a knee scooter and it was great. Way better than crutches and safer too.

    But what a waste of money really. My protocol was so fast that I was full weight bearing at 4 weeks, at least for periods of time. A little more patience and I could easily have put up with my elbow crutches for a while longer.

    That reminds me, must put my scotter on Ebay… Ideal for the slow coaches out there.

  4. Normofthenorth, thanks for the comment. I never thought of that. I hope the knee scooter does not slow down my progress. My doctor never mentioned that. And I’m still un clear how long I am NWB. I figure he will tell me at my 2 week post op appt. Plus I have stairs all over so the wheels could be a challenge. I think I need both the scooter and crutches. Had to get a pre-op blood test on my bday today. Fun, fun. Can’t wait til Halloween. Hoping I’ll be back to normal by then.

  5. I had surgery July 23 for a born spur cutting into my Achilles. Was referred to as haglunds deformity as well. Anyway I purchased a Roscoe knee scooter off amazon for 225. It has helped immensely at work and doing chores at home. I live in a two story as well so I use crutches or crawl around upstairs. I was told 4 weeks NWB and we would see from there. I do attempt to put weight on it little by little just to see if I can. Feels like pins and needles in the bottom of my foot when I try. Not going to lie it has been hard getting around. Especially when you have kids and a husband and people relying on you and you’re not used to asking for help. That part sucks. It has gotten better. I am almost 3 weeks post op and it isn’t swelling as much as before and the dull ache has gone away for the most part. Good luck to you! I’m hoping when it’s all said and done i can walk pain free and start jogging again!

  6. Jen, you went to work already? I assume you mean work from home sitting down? I was told I would have to recover for 6 to 12 weeks before going back to my part-time job. And I am having probably a similar surgery. Who knows what damage he will find in the tendon though. When did you start back at work? Yeh, I totally hate the thought of asking for help. I can’t believe the day is finally almost here - Thursday! Wish me luck! :)

  7. Hi pugnut68! Sorry just getting back to the blog. Yes I went back to my desk job away from home less then a week after surgery. Trust me it was tricky since I was NWB and had to rely on my scooter and coworkers to help me get by. Only reason I went back so quickly is because I work for a small company and do not have anyone to fill in for me. I had my stitches out August 12th and was upgraded to PWB. Still use my scooter quite a bit though and try to put a little weight on my foot with the crutches a few times a day. Surgeon said he wanted to move me to FWB at my next appt on the 26th. Of course this is all while wearing the boot. Hardest part is still seeing stuff that needs done around the house and feeling helpless. I am trying to clean as best I can. And do laundry. All which is tricky on the scooter and crutches! Good luck to you! Am am going to read your newest posts and see how your surgery went!

  8. Jen - i had ruptured Achilles Aug 6 and had surgery Aug 8. Really want to join you in trying to do laundry pick up house with this injury! What a pain. My older son is it home but he is 21, so I am trying to rely on my son and husband to do more. I am still NWB and go in for boot next Wednesday so hoping to be able to do a bit more. RIght now I am getting really good at pushing a laundry basket around while I scoot on my butt - but it is exhausting!

  9. And in my experience my butt and knees get sore! I have a 15 year old and my husband who are trying their best to help out but it’s just not MY clean ya know!?!? :)

  10. I have 2 teenage boys and husband but normally I do everything! So this is all new. Have a huge list of daily and weekly tasks I prepared before the surgery. The biggest problem is all the stuff on floor and trying to navigate around in scooter without tripping.

  11. Pug nut.. I begin PT tomorrow, will begin walking with the boot and walker. Must tell you, though, I emptied the dishwasher this evening without using scooter, just my own two feet….felt wonderful!!! Great achievement. Worth all those weeks with foot elevated!!!! Your day will come soon!!!

  12. Hey there fellow gimps!
    I’m 16 days post op from having a pretty knarly tumor removed from my left achilles. Had tendon graphed from big toe to reinforce what remained of achilles after clean-up. Had staples out on day 12, yowzer!, and cast put on for another 2 weeks. Stitches out then & into boot for PWB. So far the pain has been about what I expected…took pain meds for 2 days; now alternate Tylenol & Ibprofin. The best thing I’ve done is rent a knee walker. OMG!! I’ve used crutches before & my hands were so sore I could have cried every time I had to use them. This thing makes my life so much easier. I’ve been back to work (desk job) for 4 days now & that’s where I really use the tar out of it. Load the little basket up & away I go! Let’s face it; everything we do while laid up is just so……exhausting! Do yourself a favor & rent one of these…you won’t regret it one bit! BTW, I got mine from out of Florida. Shipped to my door. About $120/mo.

  13. Yeh, I’m glad I rented the knee scooter. I’ll probably keep it the full month. I’m at day 15 now. I got my staples removed today. It was pure torture. I kept saying, is that the last one, and he’d say, just a few more. I think there were 15! At least that part is over and hot, tight splint is off! I’m not even in a boot! He said just wear it when out and about but not necessary at home. That was a surprise.

  14. I should search this site before every step I take!

    At the end of my second day on crutches, I had enough since I live by myself. Could not even walk across my apartment to Walgreen’s due to the traffic, few footsteps and a hilly road.

    Finally rented a scooter (before I read this page) and what a lifesaver (plus the guy delivered it for $20). In the last 3 hrs, I have gone to Walgreen’s and enjoyed a nice breeze to my face, brought stuff from my kitchen to desk with ease (will try tea soon), and cleaned up things that I neglected when on crutches.

    Interestingly enough, when my damaged right leg is on the scooter, it points at an even better (pointed away from leg) angle than its original angled placement in the cast. So perhaps the cart also helps with bringing the torn tendon edges closer assuming the tear is small (as seems to be my case)?

  15. What I rented for $25/week (minimum two weeks rental):

  16. HH, this is definitely a tough injury and rehab for somebody who lives alone! And wheels are our friends, whether they’re on a scooter or wheeled office chairs or a wheeled kitchen cart or whatever. Main downside of a scooter — unless you fall off it or run over your uninjured foot with it, as several here have done! — is that you should be getting rid of it almost immediately if you’re following a good modern protocol! has its patients going to PWB (on crutches, no scooter) at TWO WEEKS into treatment, op or non-op, and FWB at FOUR. The newer Exeter (UK) study seems to have started its patients out immobilized but at PWB, so NO time at all to use a scooter.

    Others have already recommended RyanB’s blog to you, but you might also check out how he handled crutches while he was NWB, including videos of him on stairs. (Very cool, and very athletic!)

  17. I don’t think I have to have achilles surgery but I’m grounded just the same. I irritated rather than tore the achilles, and my doc wants me to stay off it for a couple of weeks and then no running for quite a while. I found a Walk Aid Scooter, which works great for me. I stumbled onto this scooter online and was intrigued. It’s like a little medical velocipede and a lot more fun than crutches.

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  21. Of course, knee scooter has a higher price than crutch. However, if you can afford it, one should. It gives much better comfort and safety.

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