8 Week Appt

Had my 8 week appt on Friday. Surgery was for achilles tendon repair (tendonitis) and bone spur removal. Still in the boot! Arrgh! At 2 weeks my splint was removed and I was allowed to slowly start putting weight on foot. At 4 weeks I was permitted to go FWB. It backfired. Got extreme swelling and developed a rejection to the sutures. Turns out they were Vicryl sutures. At about 5 weeks I developed a small lump at the top of incision site. So at my 6 week appt I was ordered back in the boot and possible immobilization if the lump was tendon. So, the good news, is it’s not the tendon. The lump is a deep suture abscess. Apparently it will go away on its own. Anyone else have this?  But to be safe, I’m still in the boot for another 2 weeks! So at first it seemed I was on fast protocol. Now slow since this was not a rupture. I can start PT this week. I’m worried about that though. The incision site is still tender and sore, of course. I can drive, do my 2.5 hour part time job, and go to PT, but the rest of the time I’m in the boot. Nightsplint at bedtime. So, at 10 weeks I will be out of the boot. So, there is a light at the end of the tunnel now. I do worry about my walking. It’s not walking, it’s hobbling. When I’m at my job I am in shoes. And I walk like Frankenstein. It’s like I forgot to walk. I’m not using the tendon. So, part of the work of the PT person will be to train me how to walk again. Seems like that will be hard since I’m still in the boot most of the time. Oh, and I also still have to wear the Ace compression bandage for another month at all times. I’m no longer allowed to wear my dear, flexible, stretchable Nike Frees. So I ordered the Brooks Addiction and Asics GT-2000 that were recommended and we will see if either of those fit on my huge right foot! I’ll probably post again after my first PT appt. Wish me luck!

6 Week Post Surgery Appt - Going backwards!

Here is the latest from me. I last posted about how happy I was to be in two shoes after achilles tendonitis repair surgery and bone spur removal. Well, now my body is rejecting the dissolving sutures. I had my 6 week doctor appt and he is putting me on antibiotics. Also, at the top part of the incision, a few days ago it started bleeding internally (black) and became noticeable swollen (like a lump)! So, I’m back in the boot and I see him again in 2 weeks. If the swelling doesn’t go down, I will have to immobilize my foot for 6 to 8 weeks and take another leave of absence from my part-time job! Not a good day! I was expecting to start PT but now that I have this lump, no PT and no more stationary bike either.

Freedom! First time driving. 4 weeks and 2 days post-op

Drove for the first time since August 15. Just a short trip to Starbucks but what a difference. I was worried about even trying. But had my doctor appt yesterday and he said I could. Took boot off to drive. And, I should say, I did not rupture my Achilles. My surgery was repair to tears in tendon and bone spur removal. And yesterday I said goodbye to my beloved knee scooter. Things are looking up over here! Starting on the Theraband stretches too.

Calf on surgery leg is swollen. DVT?

I probably just have too much time on my hands post surgery but starting to panic that I might have DVT. Hopefully you guys can reassure me otherwise. I’m 20 days post surgery to repair tendon and remove bone spur. I’m already out of the splint and PWB with crutches. But I have been noticing my right calf (I had surgery on right foot) is bigger than the left side. Shouldn’t it be the opposite? I assumed the non-surgery leg would be bigger than the other. The calf is not warm to the touch or discolored. Could there be another reason why my calf would appear noticeably larger? Everyone talks about how injured leg so much smaller. Opposite for me. And should I take baby aspirin now or is it too late for that if I do have DVT (deep vein thrombosis). Couldn’t sleep at all last night. Doctors office not open yet. Any words of wisdom?

Results of my 2 week post-op appt.

Finally met with my actual surgeon today for first time since surgery. His partner changed my splint dressings last week while he was on vacation. The removal of the 15 or so metal staples was pure torture! But it has been healing well. I had large bone spur and tendon damage so he fixed that and attached heel bone to tendon with titanium anchor. He took that horrible hot and extremely tight splint off. For good! And did not put me in a boot! Isn’t that unusual? He said I should wear boot for protection if out but in house, not necessary! Just have foot in a sock with ace bandage around it. And I can start PWB just walking on outside of foot. I tried it today and it felt like I had a million needles in bottom of my foot! Why is that? Will it slow my progress if I don’t start PWB right away? I’m still using knee scooter all the time. He also said I can still keep it elevated when I feel it hurting. Well, my foot appears double the size of my uninjured foot! I even tried slipping both feet into an open back Merrell clog before I was going to try the PWB and my swollen foot would not fit at all! Doc said to come back in 2 weeks and he can give me a better idea of when I can drive and go back to work. Oh yeh, and I can shower! Just as soon as I can get the nerve to go upstairs! But not sure how will I shower on one foot or even get into the shower since it’s a bath/shower with a huge stepover! Any ideas?

2 week post surgery appt today!

Today I will have my 2 week post surgery appt. after tendon repair and bone spur removal. I can’t sleep. Too excited. I’m expecting to get taken out of super tight splint. Haven’t done much this past 2 weeks but keep it elevated on pillows and order my poor teenage boys around. I still have little bursts of pain at the incision site. I am completely NWB so no idea how it will feel when I actually put any weight on it. Will it hurt when doc removes staples? Sounds painful. I’m expecting to be put in a boot but not sure how PWB works. So far I’ve only used my knee scooter, never the crutches. Can I still use knee scooter if he says I can start PWB? Might be hard if boot goes up to knee like my old boot. I have so many questions for him. This will be my first time talking to him since before surgery! Don’t want to overwhelm him and not get the important questions answered. Like when can I drive. When can I go back to my part-time job. Can I go upstairs now and sleep in own bed and shower. Do I still need to keep foot elevated most the time. Wish me luck! I’m hoping it will go well.

First Post-op appt. Dressings seem too tight now.

Had my first post-op appt today, 5 days after tendon repair and bone spur removal. It went ok but I feel like the circulation is cut off on my foot and leg now. Not sure if its just me or I need to go back. It never felt this way til the appt where they re-dressed the splint (never got a cast). How do you know if dressings put on too tight? The surgeon was off this week so his partner surgeon did the re-dressing. Can’t imagine waiting til next Friday when I’m expected to be put into boot.

Lost my balance and placed weight on cast! Only Day 3!

I’m getting too comfortable in my knee scooter. I was scooting over to a table to reach for something and lost my balance and stepped on my cast! FWB! Just for a second though. Boy do I feel dumb. It hurt more after that and some throbbing but I think it’s okay. Not sure! I’m having a hard time staying still but I’ve got to. I hope I didn’t mess anything up from the surgery!

I survived the surgery yesterday!

Well, I made it though the surgery. I posted about getting MAC anesthesia but when the doctor came by right before surgery he said, you are having general. No way could you have Mac. You will be on your stomach. So some one at his office panicked me for nothing! The surgery went ok. I’m in pain but only day two. I didn’t get to talk to the doctor. He talked with my husband. They bifurcated the tendon to get to the bone spur and remove tons of scar tissue and bursa. They also used a screw to attach heel bone to tendon. Using my scooter to get around.

No General Anesthesia at tomorrow’s surgery! MAC instead?

I posted this under my other recent “calm down” post but thought I would also start a new post. I have about 17 hours til surgery now. The pre-op nurse called and says I’m having MAC anesthesia! Remember I said I was having serious anxiety before, well triple that! I assumed it was General Anesthesia! My surgery is supposed to take 2 hours or so of actual surgery, not preop or recovery! How can I have twilight anesthesia? Don’t most people have general anesthesia? Should I ask the anestheologist tomorrow morning if he can switch it? Help please! I wish I had known this a few weeks ago! I’ve also seen mention about a “kneee block”. The nurse didn’t know anything about that. She said mention that to your anesthesiologist. Do I need to ask for that? What if I wake up from “twilight” during surgery?