6 weeks post surgery frustration

Today is 6 weeks and 4 days since my surgery. Have not posted so quick synopsis.

Tore 30 May playing tennis
10 June surgery. full cast
23 June VacoCast

2 weeks 2 days first PT

Was planing to move from US to Europe on 18 June so bad timing.

At 3 weeks 6 days had 2nd PT when we got to Europe. PT here in Estonia said I am behind with the travel time gap. Did light ROM exercises during that period. No weight bearing

Have had 8 sessions in 3 weeks here. Do not walk well with boot still. Boot set at 5 to 15º when ¨walking¨. use a crutch.

The protocol my surgeon gave was thrown out a long time ago. Dr here expects more motion.

I walk on treadmill at 60% weight in PT with airlift. Slow but feels good. Have very little dorsal flexion after warmup and stretch.

Flexion and leg/foot strength seem to be holding me back. calf muscle has shortened.

In a week and half I have another travel week (no PT) before we arrive to our new home where I will have to start with another PT and another conflicting protocol.

Know everyone is different and I am not far off from averages but any tips, experiences or advice would be appreciated. Especially on ROM and transition to walking with boot.

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