Aug 25 2011


How I Ruptured my Achilles Tendon

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It was Sunday 7th August, my 10th day on holiday in Fuerteventura. Hotel entertainment announced that adult football would begin in 5 minutes on the 5-a-side pitch at 15:00. I love football and since ending my football career last year at the age of 34 to take up coaching my son and his local team I take every opportunity to play when I can. If I could turn back time I would have gone into the pool with my wife and two kids.

Anyway after about 30 mins during play I ruptured my achilles tendon. I had just received the ball on my right foot and my left foot went back to balance my body. This was the point that I felt the pain which I can only describe as being hit by a golf ball. Seeing as we were playing next to the tennis courts I thought someone had either hit a ball over or lost grip of their tennis racket. Nothing around me and seeing as I heard a loud pop I knew I had snapped my achilles.

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