Oct 04 2011


Scary Setback

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Just under three weeks ago I had a very scary setback with my ATR injury. During the early hours of Thursday morning whilst sleeping I woke up three times with massive stabbing pains in my chest and right side. The pains lasted for around 20 minutes each time and were extremely painful. I rang NHS Direct who advised me to call an emergency doctor or 999 but I held out to the morning.

First thing as soon as my Doctors opened I walked in for an appointment. I had to wait an hour but soon the doctor concluded I had DVT and the blood clot had travelled to my right lung. The blood test was positive and I was rushed into hospital. Luckily because I had seen the doctor I was booked straight into EAU (Emergency Assessment Unit). At this point I was becoming very concerned and my wife was in tears - I think we both realised this was pretty serious.

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  1. univofpittbullon 05 Oct 2011 at 12:06 am 1

    I recently had a friend pass from a blood clot that traveled to her lung. Glad you are alright. Next time, go to the doc straight away!!

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