Oct 04 2011


Needles, Scans, Tests and Drugs

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Day one in EAU I had more needles, drugs and tests than hot dinners. I had blood removed from various parts of my body, injections for blood thinning and pain killing.

I was rigged up to an ECG machine several times, had chest x-rays, a CT scan, an echo scan on my heart all done within a few hours of being there. Several doctors spoke with me and confirmed I had a DVT and that this had climbed into my right lung. My right lung had a forest of clots known as a Pulmonary Embolism.

Eventually at 1800 I was told I could go home but first had to see another doctor about my medication I would be taking for the next 6 months. Another couple of hours passed and I was given a yellow book and an explaination on the drug Warfarin. I then waited a further hour for my discharge paperwork and eventually walked out at 2200.

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