Aug 25 2011


Trying to get home

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Since it was made clear I needed an operation I thought I would try and get myself and my family home asap so I started to check out alternative flights and touch base with my insurance company. Flights in and out of Fuerteventura to the UK are not that frequent so I ended up waiting three days for my original scheduled return. The next few days were going to be uncomfortable.

The following day on Monday 8th I hired a wheel chair, spent €30 on further pain injections. I also found out that the airline wanted a fit to fly certificate and since the Hospital don’t supply them I had to spend €115 getting one from a private doctor - visiting the private doctor proved to be worth while in the end for many reasons. Not only did he provide a fit to fly certificate but he had just recovered from the same injury. Sharing his expereince and advice I had a good foundation for the injury and my road to recovery.

Having spent all the previous evening surfing the web and reading all about achilles ruptures I was beginning to regret not taking the option of an operation in Fuerteventura especially when the private doctor mentioned the surgeon had a good reputation for this type of operation. The private doctor mentioned two things that did concern me. Firstly, the hospital had put me in a plaster cast with my foot at the wrong angle and that an achilles rupture should be operated on asap to aid a good recovery.

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