7 months post op

Haven’t posted on here in a while, but thought I would give a quick update. I had my surgery from a full achilles rupture on March 13th this year and it is now October 15th. 7 months! I am pretty much fully recovered. My left calf is still weaker than my good (right) leg, but I have started to lift legs at the gym, do weighted calf raises and run every day.  I can easily do single leg calf raises with my bad leg but I still have less strength than my right leg.  I am not playing sports or doing aggressive cutting/jumping, but that will probably come soon enough.

Most mornings my achilles is still stiff until I walk around for a bit and it warms up. Sometimes it is sore after a workout or run, but not much pain. I ran my first mile at about the 6 month mark and I can pretty much run without noticing it now. I’m just out of cardio shape…so running is a pain anyway for the lungs haha!

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  1. It was good to read your update, because I was curious at what type of strength, pain, and range of motion a person would have at about seven months recovery. Your activities that you described are something that I am continuing to look forward to.

    What point do you remember being able to do a single heel raise. I am at 13 weeks and can not do one unsupported?

    Thanks for the update. Chris

  2. Hi Chris! I checked back at my blog when I had my right foot surgery and I was only allowed to do tiptoes at week 15. By week 18 I was able to do 8 heel raises. Before week 15 my PT had me doing a lot of strengthening and stretching. If you want to see how I progressed with the right foot go through my blog: achillesblog.com/cserpent

    I’m at week 9 now on my left foot. Still in a boot 4 hours a day but next week I’m 2 shoes 100% (with heel lifts of course).

  3. Thanks for the follow-up email - that is insightful. I know everybody’s progress is at a different rate and they have different marching orders from their doctors, but it’s nice to kind of get a feel for some common ground on everybody’s recovery and what they’re experiencing. Hope your recovery is going well.

  4. Hey all ! I am 14 weeks p/o from an Achilles repair/Haglund resection. I am in more pain now than I ever was. This is so frustrating. I finally went back to work at 13 weeks and to walk is unbearable. I live to come home and take a pain pill and get off my foot. I ice every chance I get, still in therapy three times a week and rest when I can. I have tried heel lifts , multiple pairs of shoes and still no relief. The pain is mainly on the bottom of my foot at the heel. Scar is still really sensitive also. I am doing desensitization techniques as well. Any boy else with this horrendous heel pain? I need suggestions. I had my left done two years ago and do not remember anything like this.

  5. I don’t recall any heel pain from my right foot. I’m at 9 weeks for my left foot (same surgery as you) and get a pain at the base of my foot, on the side, on the inside but nothing that advil or elevation won’t fix, fortunately. You should probably check with your doc, especially since the pain needs a pain pill. If your surgery was like mine they used anchors to attach the achilles at the heel. One possible side effect is that your body doesn’t like the anchors. Not a likely side effect if you already had your right foot done. But only your doc will know if the same type of anchor was used in this surgery, if any anchors were used.

    I know when I got some shooting pains under the ankle for my right foot (did that 2/2017) my doc said it was probably nerves healing/coming back to life that the surgery made unhappy. He said to let him know if it didn’t calm down and, for me, it did calm down. The protocol my doc uses is heel lifts until month 4 from what I recall. Then I transition out of them and I think that took about 2 weeks. Right now I’m in the boot 4 hours a day and shoes with lifts the rest of the time. For my right foot my scar was sensitive for a long time. I did scar massaging every day and multiple times a day. I still needed to wear my silicon heel pads for a while when I wore shoes. I HAD to wear these before surgery since shoes pressing on my achilles/bone spur was incredibly painful. If you have clogs that have some angle to them (so they are natural heel lifts) try wearing those to give your achilles a rest by lifting it a bit and by not pressing on it from behind.

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