9 Weeks, shoe time

I went to the doc today at 9 weeks post surgery and got cleared to start walking without the boot.  I’m not gna lie, I have been walking around the house without the boot slowly for a few days already.  Things are feeling pretty decent.  My flexibility is still pretty limited but it gets better slowly every day.  I am going to try to make tomorrow with only shoes and see how it goes.  The doc also said I could officially start PT, so next week I’ll probably have an appt.

I am never touching those crutches or boot again.   I tried to fly the simulator (Im a pilot) yesterday but it was pretty awkward to use the rudder pedals with the boot, and the brakes are difficult to push with my week leg.  Im hoping to fly again by the end of June.

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  1. @popouch, we’re close to one another in timeframe as this is now 10 weeks post surgery, 11 weeks post injury date…

    I have been seeing a PT for the last month and a half, twice a week and frankly I am not quite sure I am any farther down the road of recovery as you are. I have a PT apt today and will be bringing my shoe with me as today is the day that my shoe will be introduced to back into the mix.

    My foot is tight and still can’t do any foot alphabet motions. Plus my heal has pain, when I try and walk without the boot and still have numbness at the ball of my foot.

    Good luck and will be curious to read how you progress.

    I too have a blog and have posted twice as my road to recovery early on was a bit bumpy…

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  3. That’s awesome for you. I’m 8 weeks post op and looking forward to just walking again.

  4. @popouch - I remember you and I are close in timeline. You mentioned that you had a small gap in your tendon and went in for an MRI - did you ever hear anything about that gap?

    I’m going in tomorrow for an MRI (almost at week 11 now…) and am just now getting to one crutch with the boot on (been weight bearing for only 2.5 weeks).

  5. @tdance, sorry i took so long to respond. I haven’t seen the MRI or spoken to my doctor about it. I totally forgot to ask about it when I had my appointment afterwards and I haven’t been able to get my surgeon to call me back since. When I got the MRI though the technician said everything looked normal and even questioned if I tore my achilles! I’m still trying to talk to the surgeon about it. I also wanted the MRI just for my medical records because I will get good retirement benefits as long as my injury is documented properly…

    However, I am pretty confident in my achilles right now…there is still a slight gap (indentation) in my achilles but it does not hurt and I am walking pretty decent right now without a boot. I have a limp, but that is because i can’t really step forward on the toes when I walk.

    I pushed myself pretty hard early on even when there was slight pain walking in the boot…this helped me i think. People obviously heal differently but know your limits and try to push yourself if you can. Let the pain be your guide as you start walking. Don’t push it too hard and re-rupture, but a little bit of discomfort is normal from what I’m told.

    I have my first PT session today. I will keep you posted on what they say.

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