6 Weeks post op

I saw the doc this week for my 6 week post op appt and I got cleared to put weight on my foot and start walking in the boot.  The doc said to begin relying less and less on the crutches as pain allows.   So the past few days have really gotten my spirit up because i can finally stand on two feet!

It was pretty scary at first to put my foot down and put any weight on it, but eventually I was able to stand up without crutches.  I started walking around today with 1 crutch and putting more and more weight on it.  My goal is to walk without crutches by mid week 7.  My ankle is getting really swollen by the end of a long day, so I typically keep it elevated and put some ice on it when I get home.  Here is a link to my ankle at week 6.   http://AchillesBlog.com/popouch/files/2018/04/img_1469.jpg

Will probably celebrate this weekend by using a crutch in my right arm  and a beer in my left hand on Saturday.

2 Responses to “6 Weeks post op”

  1. congrats! it feels so good to get going on weight bearing and then to one crutch. your incision healing is great. i’m worried about mine as it is a little bumpy near the heel. i’m hoping with some PT and some massage and time it will flatten out. are you using a specific ice method?

  2. It is realizing good feelings, How much it is positive to work on and weight bearing also. Congrats.

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